There are only 7 celebs in the country who own the luxury Lamborghini Urus, the names of these stars including Akash Ambani are included in the list

Celebs Cars Collection:Celebrities have their hobbies. Recently, Akash Ambani arrived at his son’s birthday bash with an expensive Lamborghini Urus. Since then discussions are happening all around Akash and the car. It is said that with the coming of money, a person’s likes and dislikes change and he gets used to living a luxury life. B-Town stars also have the same story. Everyone has their own hobbies, some are fond of expensive watches and some are fond of expensive and branded clothes more than one. In the same way, today we are telling you about those celebs of B-Town, who are fond of luxury cars and have a collection of expensive cars. Apart from Akash Ambani, these stars of B-Town also have Lamborghini Urus worth crores. This car is owned by only 7 people in India.

Akash Ambani

Akash Ambani, son of our country’s famous businessman Mukesh Ambani, also has more than one expensive car, one of which is Lamborghini Urus. According to media reports, Akash was the first person in India to own this car.

Rohit Shetty

Everyone knows how much Bollywood’s famous filmmaker Rohit Shetty is fond of cars. Rohit keeps a collection of expensive cars with him. He also has a Lamborghini Urus in his garage, which costs 4.03 crores.

Karthik Aryan

Actor Karthik Aryan had bought Lamborghini Urus some time back. Karthik had paid Rs 50 lakh extra to get this vehicle from Italy to India.

Ranveer singh

Ranveer Singh had bought two models of Lamborghini Urus. First, he bought a red color Lamborghini Urus in the year 2019, then in the year 2021, he bought its second model, which cost Rs 3.43 crore.

jr ntr

South’s superstar Junior NTR bought Lamborghini Urus in the year 2021. The cost of his luxury car is Rs 3.16 crore.

Adar Poonawala

This expensive car is also in the garage of Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute. This car is equipped with very advanced features.

Rohit Sharma

Cricketer Rohit Sharma’s name is also included in the list of B-town celebs who have bought Lamborghini Urus. He recently bought this luxury car of dark blue shade. Rohit is the latest celebrity to buy the luxury SUV Lamborghini Urus.

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