Soni Razdan shared photo on daughter Alia Bhatt’s birthday, fans said – carbon copy of mother

There are many such celebrities in Bollywood, whose features and looks are identical to their parents. Similarly, Bollywood’s beautiful diva Alia Bhatt also looks exactly like her mother. If you don’t believe it, then you can also see this picture, which was recently shared by her mother Soni Razdan on her official Instagram account on the occasion of Alia Bhatt’s birthday. In which Alia is looking exactly like her mom.

Soni Razdan shared a photo on her daughter Alia Bhatt’s birthday on 15 March. In this collage of two photos, above is the photo of Soni Razdan’s youth and below is Alia Bhatt. In this picture, the features of both are looking exactly the same. At the same time, the bindi style of both is also the same. Both the eyes and the way of smiling are also the same. While sharing this photo, Soni also wrote a beautiful note. She writes, ‘Happy birthday my little twin child. Apart from certain facial features, we also share a love for bindi and brinjal. Along with this, he also made love emoji.

This photo of Alia Bhatt and Soni Razdan is becoming increasingly viral on social media and thousands of people have liked this photo. Seeing the photos of Alia and her mother, people are also calling them carbon copies of each other. One commented that there is a difference between a dot and the rest are all beans. One user wrote that the eyes of both mother and daughter are magical. So there a user wrote that Soni ji you are more beautiful than Alia. Both are starting to flow. At the same time, thousands of users made love emoji on it and also congratulated Alia Bhatt on her birthday.

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