Meet the sensible brother-in-law who didn’t even anger his sister-in-law, didn’t even give money and took the shoes – see VIDEO

We Indians are so expert in bargaining that wherever we get a chance, we get involved in the exercise of reducing the money. But would you believe that the ritual of bargaining can happen in marriage too. Yes, how would it feel if the groom starts bargaining in matters like marriage. One such fun-loving incident took place in a marriage where brother-in-law in his own special way tricked his sister-in-law. This wedding video is going viral in which the brother-in-law made a huge offer to the sister-in-law and took back the shoes without giving any money.

This video has been shared on a page on Instagram. It is written in the caption, when the skill of an expert person is found in bargaining in marriage rituals. In the video, you can see how the brother-in-law is negotiating with the sister-in-law who stole the shoes in the marriage environment. Brother-in-law offered sister-in-law that instead of money, whenever she comes to Mumbai, she will get a driver and butler free of cost as brother-in-law. Users have become a fan of this traditional Indian skill of the groom. Seeing this, it is believed that whether it is a groom or a common man, everyone is expert in the art of saving money.

The video is not only funny, but also has a cute innocence and a very sweet message. When the sister-in-law gives shoes, the brother-in-law hugs her saying that the place of the sister-in-law is not in the feet but in the heart. It is clear from this that our old thinking about relationships is changing. Although the users are also writing something or the other in their cool but funny style. A user is saying – brother-in-law is on, anyway the promises that brother-in-law are making, they have to be fulfilled under the pressure of wife after marriage.

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