Malaika Arora spoke for the first time on removing ‘Khan’ surname after divorce, said- ‘People said that I made a mistake…’

Malaika Arora is always in headlines due to her personal life. While her fashion and style remain in the limelight, her relationship attracts the attention of the fans. Although many times people troll them too. Meanwhile, after getting divorced in May 2017 after 19 years of marriage to Arbaaz Khan, Malaika has talked about her decision to leave the ‘Khan’ surname and go to her maternal home. Apart from this, he has also reacted to his relationship with Arjun Kapoor.

When Malaika Arora was asked at the India Today Conclave 2023 that the credit for her success is being given to the Khan family, she replied, “It has benefited my life a lot but I don’t think I can say no to this fact.” That I had a popular surname. I don’t think that was all I wanted to do in life. It opened a lot of doors for me but I think eventually I will have to work despite my married surname. And I had to work hard to proof myself and prove myself every single day of my life. And, the day my surname was gone and I went back to my maiden name, I still kept working and Showed the difference

“I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I was making the biggest mistake by dropping my surname. A lot of people are telling me ‘You don’t know how much a surname is worth.’ I have a lot of respect for my ex-in-laws and former family, they have given me a lot of love. I have a child, and I am part of the family to some extent, but for me, I need to stand on my own feet. There was a need… and not just about the surname. One of the reasons for me being able to drop the surname and use my maiden surname is because it made me realize that I can do anything in life.’

Apart from this, while talking about the relationship with Arjun Kapoor at the event, the actress said, ‘When I got divorced, I was told why you got divorced. Then when I got love after divorce, people said how did he get love. After this, I was told that I had lost my senses after falling in love with a boy younger than me. But I would just say that if you are in love then it has no age.

Let me tell you, Malaika Arora also talked about her relationship in her reality show Moving in with Malaika. At the same time, he also replied to the trollers, which was supported by his fans.

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