Kajol did such a feat in a moving car, fans also became emotional, said – I also want to be like you

Everyone is crazy about Kajol’s acting. From comedy, action, emotion to romance, there is no match for Kajol’s performance. His fans like him in every character. Would you believe that Kajol, who has made people her fans with her acting on screen, is also very expert in sleeping. Be it a stationary place or a galloping car on the road. No one can disturb Kajol’s sleep. She is so expert in sleeping anywhere that she does not falter even on her neck.

Kajol has shared a video of herself on her Instagram account. In this video, wearing a red jacket and wearing shades, Kajol is looking very stylish. At first glance, it may seem that she is enjoying the drive very casually. But reading her caption, it is understood that she is sleeping peacefully. While sharing this video, Kajol has written that, ‘Don’t do this work without any supervision’. She further writes that it takes years to practice sleeping peacefully during long drives. That too without tilting his head in any direction.

Fans are also making funny comments on this video of Kajol. The result of which is that in just one hour this video has got more than 22 thousand likes. Everyone wants to learn the tricks of this art from Kajol. Some followers have shared their opinion by making laughing emoji. A user has written that I also want to be like you but Abba will not agree. A user also asked the question that how can one remain so stylish and graceful while sleeping. While sleeping like this, my mouth remains open.

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