I love acting irrespective of the genre – Kunal Khemu

Actor Kunal Khemu these days in his web series Pop Kaun? are in the headlines for. Actress Kriti Sanon’s sister Nupur is making her acting debut with this web series. Also the web series Pop Kaun? It stars many actors including Satish Kaushik, Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Chunky Pandey and Sauraf Shukla in lead roles. Kunal Khemu and Nupur Sanon have a special conversation before the release of the web series.
1. How different is this series from the rest and what kind of comedy will be seen in it

answer – Kunal Khemu – Simple comedy. It is the kind of comedy that can be watched with the whole family. Meanwhile, Nupur also told that it is different from the rest because it is the first comedy web show. So I don’t think it can compete with any other comedy show.

2. There is a dialogue in your trailer, Janta Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai, which is often heard in Delhi. So have you ever used this dialogue in real life?

answer – Kunal Khemu pulls Nupur’s leg and says that Nupur used to tell everyone in Delhi that you know who my father is? So inspired by this, Farhad has written this show. But he just turned the girl into a boy. But I am a very simple boy. I do not get into such quarrels. I didn’t use it. (Nupur smiles and says don’t take it seriously)

3. Question for Nupur- How will you play comedy after singing? Will there be a touch of comedy singing here too?

answer – There was no scope of singing in this series, but I hope you will get to see the tinge of comedy. I hope to make people laugh with my comedy, I have tried my best. Also, all my co-actors have helped me a lot, including Kunal. Meanwhile, Kunal jokingly says that I used to make him do Riyaz after waking up in the morning. And what she sings in Raag Gandharva is wonderful. On this Nupur said that I learned something or the other from everyone but no one was interested in learning anything from me.

4. You have done both comedy and dark roles, so which role is easier for you or would you like to do such a role again.

answer – Although people like comedy more but I like acting as an actor. But there is no doubt that comedy is the best genre in this world, I myself like to watch comedy whenever I watch it. I really enjoy comedy. To be honest, I like acting. Whatever be the genre.

5. In this film you are working with actor Satish Kaushik, who passed away recently. So would you like to say something about the experience of working with him?,

answer – It was a great experience and I have known him since childhood. But there was very little meeting. The biggest highlight of doing this show together was for me that I got a chance to work with a personality like him and my only recent meeting with him was during the show. I worked with him on screen but off screen he used to make me laugh was amazing. It was not that there were only funny stories, but he loved cinema and cinema people very much and it was visible.

6. What are your plans regarding your upcoming projects.

answer – Kunal Khemu – This time we will talk about popcorn only and after popcorn my film Kanjus Makkhi Chus is coming next week, we will talk about that also after 2 or 3 days.

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