Movies with Same Title: 4 films made with the same name, except one, the rest were ruined, the makers lost crores of rupees


There are many such films in Hindi cinema, which are made under one name. Some films were made once and each time they made the makers rich. At the same time, there are some films which were made more than once or twice but could not even recover the amount invested by the makers. Today we will tell you about 4 films made with one name, which were made 4 times in 80 years, but except one, all the others were a disaster at the box office. Big names from the film industry were also involved, but they too could not sail these films. It has happened many times in Bollywood that when a film proves to be a superhit at the box office, the makers often make another film in the name of that film. But the interesting thing is that even if a film has been made many times under the same name, the story, director and hero of the film are all different. This happened with director Gyan Mukherjee also. Let us tell you which film it was and when later films were made with the same name.

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