Leena Chandavarkar Birthday: At the age of just 25, this actress was ruined, then became the fourth wife of a 20-year-old actor

Leena Chandavarkar Unknown Facts: Talking about the best actresses of the 60s and 70s, Leena Chandavarkar’s name is definitely taken. Born on August 29, 1950, in Dharwad, Karnataka to Army Officer Srinath Chandavarkar, Leena started her career with advertisements and Sunil Dutt brought her into the world of cinema. In the birthday special, we are introducing you to a few anecdotes from the life of Leena Chandavarkar.

This is how film career started

Sunil Dutt was the person who gave Leena a chance to dream of cinema. Actually, Leena had made her Bollywood debut with Sunil Dutt’s film Man Ka Meet. After this, Leena’s golden dreams started in the world of cinema. However, he never compromised on his principles. She neither wore bikini nor gave bold scenes for any film in her entire career. She used to perform her acting with such simplicity that everyone used to drown in her eyes.

The accident took away the first husband

Leena was continuously creating new records in her film career, but her personal life was full of turmoil. It so happened that when Leena was only 24-25 years old, during that time she made Siddharth Bandokar, who belonged to Goa’s political family, her life partner. Shortly after the marriage, Siddharth died of a sudden bullet and at the age of just 25, Leena was left with her life partner forever.

20 years older actor’s wife again

After the departure of Siddharth, there was desolation in Leena’s life, in which color was filled by all-rounder Kishore Kumar. There was a difference of 20 years in the age of both. Despite this, both of them became good friends while working on the film sets. Gradually both of them started coming closer to each other. In such a situation, Kishore Kumar expressed his desire to marry Leena, but she flatly refused. However, later Leena agreed and became the fourth wife of a man 20 years older than herself. Actually, before Leena, Kishore Kumar had married thrice.

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