Katrina Kaif is the perfect pill for Vicky Kaushal, if something is good then it is good if not…

New Delhi. The film The Great Indian Family, made under the banner of Yash Raj Films, is going to be released on September 22. The pairing of Vicky Kaushal and Manushi Chillar will be seen for the first time in this film. Before the release of the film, Vicky talked about his married life and his wife actress Katrina Kaif. In his recent interview, he called his wife his most ‘cruel critic’.

While talking to ‘India Today’, Vicky Kaushal talked about his bonding with Katrina Kaif. During this, he revealed that Katrina and he never ignore each other’s words. She never tries to avoid them. According to the report, Vicky said, ‘Katrina is my biggest critic, she is the cruelest critic. My parents also tell me the truth about what was good or what was bad, but still with a little softness, like ‘Look man, it was all good but…’

Vicky further said that Katrina’s attitude is exactly the opposite. She gets straight to the point without twisting things around. He has called CAT like a bullet. Vicky said, my wife is straight… meaning Katrina is a straight shot. Even if it is good, she is straightforward and if she doesn’t like something, she will still talk openly about it. During this, he admitted that this Katrina always keeps him connected to the ground.

Vicky further made an interesting revelation about Katrina. He told that he likes to discuss work with Katrina Kaif. The two often ensure that discussions on their scripts are just ‘casual’ and never taken seriously. He said that we discuss, but not very seriously. We discuss the script casually, or we discuss how the shoot was. We talk about work the same way. We don’t make our home look like an office by discussing work too much.

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