Katrina Kaif has a special connection with the person seen in the photo, revealed by sharing the post, said- ‘For 20 years every…’

Kanai Delhi. Katrina Kaif takes great care of her fans as well as her family and friends. She shares her every update with her fans through social media. The actress also respects her staff members a lot. Since this post came to the fore, at least this thing has been proved completely true that apart from being a good actress, she is also a good human being.

Katrina Kaif is in discussion these days about her upcoming film ‘Tiger 3’. Fans are very excited to see her on screen with Salman Khan as soon as possible. The actress remains very active on social media as well. She shares her every update with the fans only on social media. Now the actress has surprised the fans by sharing a post with her personal assistant on social media. While sharing this photo, the actress has also beautifully described the experience of 20 years spent with her. This post of his is becoming quite viral on social media. Fans are praising Katrina openly.

what a heart touching post
In a recently shared post, Katrina wrote, ‘Today twenty years have been completed. Mr. Ashok Sharma is the person who has been with me for the last 20 years. He has spent most of the time with me. Always motivated me and never stopped me from drinking coffee, fights with me and changes my mind and tells me what I want. If a day was very difficult on the set, he used to cry too. Only He knows what I want and He always keeps an eye on me. We are together for the next 20 years as well.

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