Jawan Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan’s double dose and dangerous action, ‘Jawan’ targets the system

Jawan Movie Review: Shahrukh Khan started this year with ‘Pathan’ in such a way that it created havoc at the box office. After almost half a year, Shahrukh has now returned as a ‘jawan’. On the success of ‘Pathan’, many people said that ‘Star Power’ has gone. But it is said that the wooden handi does not rise again and again and Shahrukh, who is considered to be a very ‘intelligent’ actor, has proved through ‘Jawan’ that he ‘knows how to choose a mass entertainer’. Through his second release of this year, Shahrukh has brought such a film, it is truly a masala entertainer of the public. Through this film starring Shah Rukh Khan, Nayantara and Vijay Sethupathi, South’s director Atlee has presented a great film, in which everything is not only on the shoulders of Shahrukh Khan, but you will also get to see a lot of charisma of the story.

What does the story say:
The story of ‘Jawan’ is of Vikram Rathod, who is a soldier of the Special Task Force of the army. But this same Vikram Rathore hijacks a metro train in Mumbai and demands his demands from the government. Vikram Rathod is not alone but there are 6 girls with him who help him in this crime. In front of Vikram Rathore is Kali Gaikwad, one of the biggest arms dealers of the country, who gives guns to the army personnel. Kali is a big businessman and has an old enmity with Vikram Rathod. Azad is the son of Vikram Rathod and Shahrukh Khan has appeared in both these characters. Yes, Shah Rukh is going to be seen in a double role in this film. Now why is this Lady Army in the story, why has Vikram Rathod become an enemy and what is Azad doing, you will have to go to the cinema halls to answer all these questions.

Directed by Atlee and produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, Jawan stars Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Sanya Malhotra, Priyamani, Sunil Grover, Yogi Babu and Ridhi Dogra among others.

The charisma of the story will keep you hooked
First of all, let’s talk about the first half of the film which is very tight and full of surprises. There are many twists and turns in the film and this is the reason that you will not feel bored anywhere in the story. The film keeps you hooked from the very first scene and there are surprises in every part of the film that keep the curiosity of ‘what will happen next’ within you. The film does not run in just one story, but there are many stories in small parts. One question that came up before the release of the film was that you will not be able to know when you will see many artists and when you will miss them. Because there are many actors in this film. But along with these actors in ‘Jawan’, there are also surprise factors like Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Dutt and everyone enjoys watching on screen.

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Actress Nayantara was seen with Shah Rukh in Jawan’s song.

Action-BGM blast
If you are happy to see Shahrukh’s action in ‘Pathan’, then let me tell you that it was just a teaser, ‘picture abhi baaki hai mere dost’ and you will see that picture in Jawan. The action sequences of the film are excellent. Whereas Atlee is the master of background music. They know very well that this is the most important thing which can make or spoil the mood of the audience sitting in the cinema hall. Director Atlee Masi is the king of entertainer films and he has shown the same kingship in ‘Jawan’. South films have their own raw-and-rustic style, be it the action of the film or its story and the way of showing emotional scenes, which is also being liked by the audience of North India. The same style is seen in ‘Jawan’.

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Shah Rukh Khan charges Rs 50-60 crore, but he got double the fee for ‘Jawan’.

Talking about the weak side of ‘Jawan’, it is its music, which is not that catchy. The songs of this film are not able to attract the audience at that level. Along with this, there are side effects of a masala entertainer, like in a scene before the interval, Nayantara gets shot, but in the next scene, it is not known where the bullet went. In one scene, in the action scene of the night, Nayantara, who became a police officer, is seen wearing dark glasses. In the climax scene where the police standing outside is unable to enter, don’t know from where the goons come in the same jail… So if you don’t focus too much on such nuances then everything else is fun.

If you are fond of watching action-packed masala films, if you want to go to the cinema hall and enjoy a family entertainer film, then you must watch Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan. This film is a money based film. 3.5 stars to this film from my side.

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