Is there pressure regarding family planning with Katrina Kaif? Vicky Kaushal replied, said- he is very cool

New Delhi. Bollywood superstar couple Vicky Kaushal-Katrina Kaif is often in the news for their happy married life. Ever since the couple got married, fans have been wanting to see them turning two into three. Many times it was claimed in the media that she was pregnant due to Katrina’s look. However, all those claims were proved wrong when Kat herself came and rejected those speculations. Now, after two years of marriage, Vicky Kaushal for the first time spoke openly about starting family planning with his wife actress Katrina Kaif.

Recently, while talking in ‘Radio City’, Vicky Kaushal was asked whether he faces any pressure from his respective families to have a child? Rejecting these things, Vicky replied in the negative. He further revealed that his family is very wonderful and his family members are very nice. They don’t put any pressure on them at all.

Vicky further revealed that his parents were the first people to know about his relationship with Katrina. He said, the first people who knew about our relationship that I was dating Katrina Kaif were my mother and father. There are no days when people come to know about it through viral (horror), I told them, the situation is not so bad that they come to know about it through paparazzi.” Vicky further said that initially he could not believe that a superstar like Katrina was paying attention to him.

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