‘I loved, not flattery…’ When the actress expressed her pain after breaking her 7-year-old relationship with the superstar

Thousands of girls were infatuated with Bollywood’s first superstar, Rajesh Khanna, but at that time Kaka’s heart used to beat for the struggling actress Anju Mahendru. Both remained live-in for 7 years. However, things went wrong even before the marriage and both of them parted ways. The actress was in pain after her separation from Rajesh Khanna. Let us tell you what he said in his interview…


It is said that everything is fair in war and love and when it comes to love, whether it is a common man or a Bollywood superstar, everything seems to be the same. Often such relationships are formed between Bollywood stars, which look very beautiful in the beginning but the evils within them become visible after some time. A similar incident happened with a struggling Bollywood actress, who fell in love with Bollywood’s first superstar. Love grew further but then suddenly something happened that everything fell apart. Many years later, when the actress was giving an interview, the pain of her love came out and she made many allegations against the Bollywood superstar. We are talking about the superstar of our time Rajesh Khanna and the struggling actress of that time Anju Mahendru.


Rajesh Khanna was known for his liveliness. Stories of his love affairs are common from the streets of Bollywood to his fans. Not only this, he married Dimple Kapadia, who was 16 years younger than him. But do you know that he did this marriage to forget his first love Anju Mahendru and also took revenge in his own style. During Anju Mahendru’s interview, the pain of love spilled over, she told everything that she felt during 7 years of love…


Rajesh Khanna and Anju met in the year 1966. Their eyes met and then they fell in love. This love grew so much that without wasting any time both of them got into a live-in relationship. Both were in a live-in relationship for 7 years. During this time, Anju was completely dedicated to Rajesh Khanna. She would listen to everything he said and do everything for him. On the other hand, Rajesh Khanna also left no stone unturned in showering his love on Anju. He bought a car and everything Bengali for Anju.


Rajesh Khanna was preparing for marriage with Anju when suddenly he came to know that Anju was having an affair with West Indies cricketer Gary Sobers. Then their relationship completely disintegrated. To forget his love, Rajesh Khanna married 16 years younger actress Dimple Kapadia and to take revenge from Anju, Kaka instead of taking his marriage procession from Bandra to Juhu, Rajesh Khanna changed its route and passed it in front of Anju’s house. Pass through so that Anju can realize her mistake. File photo.


Many years after this sentence, Anju Mahendru expressed the headache hidden in her heart during an interview. Anju said, ‘I did everything for Rajesh Khanna but he wanted me not to work in films. I should stay at home and finish my career. Anju even said that Rajesh Khanna wanted me to fall at his feet, like his spoons keep falling. But I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t flatter him. File photo.

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