How did this actress, who is the owner of 1500 crores, fall in love with a divorced hero? met abroad, married in india

Manoj Manchu and Bhuma Mounika Reddy Love Story: Be it in Bollywood or in Tollywood, star weddings always grab a lot of limelight. Fans are not only interested in knowing the marriage of their favorite star but also their bonding and love story. Recently, well-known star of South Naga Shaurya was also tied in matrimonial bond with entrepreneur Anusha Shetty. Recently Telugu actors Manchu Manoj and Mounika Reddy got married. The couple got married in the presence of their close friends and family. Pictures of Manoj and Monica’s wedding are going viral on social media. However, here we are telling you about the love story of both of them which is no less than a film story.

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