Haseen Jahan has come again. Remember Shami? As soon as the World Cup was over, she said- just for a moment…

New Delhi. World Cup 2023 is over. Australia won the World Cup by defeating India. Before the World Cup 2023 final, the Indian cricket team won all the matches, but could not taste the victory in the last match. The entire Indian team performed tremendously during the entire World Cup. The magic of Virat Kohli was seen in batting and Mohammed Shami in bowling. These days, along with his professional life, Mohammed Shami is also in the headlines for his personal life. His relationship with his wife, model and actress Haseen Jahan, is not very good. But, as soon as the World Cup is over, it seems that she has once again started remembering her husband Mohammed Shami.

There is a lot of turmoil in the personal life of Mohammed Shami. There have been a lot of differences between Hasin Jahan and Mohammed Shami for a long time, but even then both their love and anger for Shami is expressed on social media. As soon as the World Cup ended, Haseen Jahan said something, after which people are taking a dig. Let us tell you what he said…

Hasin Jahan is active on social media
Haseen Jahan is very active on social media. She has been away from films for a long time, but has been interacting with her fans through social media. 227 thousand people follow him on Instagram. She expresses her heart through her reels. Haseen Jahan, who used to taunt Mohammed Shami before the World Cup, is now looking for love.

Expressed emotions by sharing video
Recently she shared a video, in which the actress says – ‘If someone loves us for a moment, even if it is a liar.’ While sharing this video, he has not written any caption but has just shared a red heart emoji.

Haseen Jahan got worried for what?
Shortly after this, the actress shared another video. This is a reel in which she is seen lip-synching. In the video she says- ‘Man, there are no lines of love in my hands’. A girl sitting with her holds the hand of the actress and says – ‘Maybe in childhood, while licking the churan, you licked it too’.

people are taking a pinch
People are now taking a dig at the way Haseen Jahan expressed her emotions on social media. One user wrote – ‘Shami Bhai was unlucky to marry you’. Another user wrote – ‘Sister-in-law, something is going to work with the lines of love. Your line and your love are still alive, please be very soft. Another wrote- ‘People know you because of Shami, otherwise you have no existence’. Another user wrote – ‘Tell Shami Bhai for a moment of love’.

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