Happy Birthday Gulzar: Gulzar, who turns 89, read some of his poems describing relationships, feelings of the heart on his birthday


Today famous lyricist, poet Gulzar is celebrating his 89th birthday.
He has written many famous poems, compositions in his career, some of which also describe the pain of relationships.

Happy Birthday Gulzar: Gulzar does not need any introduction. As soon as his name comes on Zumba, people automatically start humming many heart touching songs. Famous writer, poet, screenwriter, lyricist, poet Gulzar has written more than one song. Poems have been composed, which are settled in the hearts and minds of the people. Today is Gulzar Sahab’s birthday. Today he is celebrating his 89th birthday. Born in Pakistan, Gulzar was fond of writing poems from a young age. His compositions are mainly in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu. However, he has also written compositions in many other regional languages. Talking about his personal life, his marriage with actress Rakhi did not go well and both of them parted ways within a year. However, Gulzar did not divorce Rakhi and since then he is leading a single life. Perhaps this is the reason why in many of his poems one can feel the pain of break-up, disintegration of relationships and the fragrance of love, the pain found in love. On his birthday, you should also read some famous poems based on relationships written by Gulzar.

relationships are just relationships

relationships are just relationships
for a moment
a few moments

some are light as a feather
walking through the years
get heavy

some heavy snow
mistakes over the years
become frivolous

relationships have names
Some relations are named
relationship even if he dies
just have to live up to the name

just have to live up to the name
Relationships are just relationships.

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Life became lonely like this

Life became lonely like this
the convoy together and the journey alone

startled by your shadow
Age has passed so lonely

silences speak all night
Where did someone spend the night alone

the day does not pass in people
there is no night alone

we even saw the door
Then don’t know where he went alone.

love is the seed

love is never one sided
This is the twin birth of the union of two souls.
love can’t live alone
If won between two people
If one dies, two die.

love is a flowing river
not a lake on whose shores they sit tied
Not even an ocean that doesn’t have a shore
It is just a river and it flows away.

love is not the sound of a body’s instrument
There is neither aarti nor worship in the temple
love is profit nor greed
no profit no loss
Pyaar helan hai na ehsaan hai.

looking for past relationships

looking for past relationships
the scent looks for bunches

When Saba passes through that street
searches for letter parts

spring in the justuju of my mazi
looking for yellow leaves

a hope coming again and again
looking for pieces

old trail coming to town
Searches for her son.

(Credits: Kavitakosh.org)

don’t know what to say

don’t know what to say
see you today
I had met you but don’t know what I said

I will tell you that one thing that I thought
I felt that I got you, I have said that too sometime
don’t know what, don’t know what was
What I wanted to say today after meeting you

some things that haven’t been said to you but
something seems to be said to you sometime
I am not oblivious to your thoughts, I swear on you
I keep forgetting something in your thoughts
Don’t know what, don’t know what was to be said
What do you know by meeting today…

Where else would the heart’s disease be

Where else would the heart’s disease be
Where will the smoke of the fire of love

take care of pain
how to amuse
It is crazy, where will it be forbidden…

keep dry straws
blow and taste sparks
He is a bhogi, he is a jogi, where will there be peace…

(Credits: hindipoem.org)

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