Rannvijay Singh Birthday: Left army to become celebrity, this roadie brought bride from London

Rannvijay Singh: Many times the eyes see different dreams and luck takes them on a different path. Something similar happened with Ranvijay Singh as well. His dream was to serve the country, but luck brought him to the doorstep of reality shows. In the birthday special, we know how Rannvijay’s fortunes turned around and how he became the country’s first roadie.

It was my childhood dream to join the army

Lions always emerge from the soil of Punjab, most of whom dream of serving the country. Born on March 16, 1983, Rannvijay Singh was also no different from these lions. Actually, when his father was in the army, even in Rannvijay’s dreams only the border used to reside. He was trying to fulfill his dream since childhood. Talking about the decision, he had cleared the written and medical exams to join the army. Just… after this his luck took a new turn and he came out on such a path, what about him, his whole family had never thought.

And became the first roadie of the country

Rannvijay’s bags were packed to go to the army, but an audition given in fun took his life on a new path. Actually, this was the period when the first season of Roadies started. Rannvijay auditioned him and won the show and became the country’s first roadie. After this Rannvijay forgot his childhood dream and left himself to fate.

Acting-hosting approach

…and brought the bride from London

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