Ranjeet Effect: When Kapil Dev’s sister-in-law was nervous because of Ranjeet, the cricketer pacified her by explaining like this

Ranjeet Interview: Veteran actor Ranjeet is one of the best villains of Bollywood. He was appreciated and praised by the audience for his performance, but he also got the onscreen identity of Ranjit – the rapist, which had a bad effect on his personal life.

The impact of the villain’s character on life

During an interview, Ranjit was asked a question about his personal life. He was asked if his personal life was ever affected by his onscreen image. Ranjit said in response, ‘The effect of the onscreen image is on my life till date. A similar incident happened with Kapil Dev’s sister-in-law as well. She had come for the treatment of some disease. It has always been my habit that I first shake hands with people and then hug them from the side. This made her very nervous. At that time Kapil Dev took over the position. He said, ‘It is not as you think.’

When people passed comments

Ranjit mentioned another incident. During that time he was in Delhi. He told that when his daughter was doing a fashion internship with designer Manish Arora, he was scared to leave her alone in Delhi. In such a situation, he stayed in Delhi for a week. Ranjit told, ‘My daughter Gigi used to take me out for dinner everyday. When I walk with him, I walk holding his hand. On the other hand, she looks taller than me in high heels. In such a situation, people stare at me and say that he has become an old man, yet he still roams around with young girls. Aren’t you ashamed. However, people also love and respect me a lot.’

When Ranjit was thrown out of the house

Ranjeet told that for the first time he played a negative character in Sharmili film. At that time I was thrown out of the house because I belonged to a very conservative family. My parents used to think that I am stuck in the wrong profession and used to harass and abuse girls. Please tell that Ranjit played the role of villain in about 200 films. These include blockbuster movies like Sharmili, Bandhe Haath, Namak Halaal, Humse Hai Zamana etc.

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