Oscars 2023: Deepika Padukone was told a Brazilian model, then the anger of the fans erupted, photo agencies were lashed out

Deepika Padukone Camila Alves: Deepika Padukone is included in the list of highest paid actresses of Bollywood industry. She has represented India in many international platforms. Recently, Deepika Padukone joined the Oscar Ceremony 2023 as a presenter, due to which she is in the headlines, but in the meantime, some international photo agencies made a mistake in identifying Deepika Padukone, which has left netizens furious.

Started thrashing the agencies on the media. Users are lashing out at the social media by sharing screenshots of the agency’s posts. People are trolling photos agencies a lot.

um, getty images this is deepika padukone. you appear to have confused her with camila alves.

deepika’s actually quite famous in her own right – 72 million insta followers and an award-winning career. pic.twitter.com/0kQPjOce51

— Tarang (@tarang_chawla) March 13, 2023

Netizens furious over photo agencies
A user took a screen shot on Twitter and wrote, ‘This is Deepika Padukone. He himself is very famous. He has 72 million followers on Instagram. Another wrote, ‘Deepika Padukone is Bollywood’s highest paid actress, your ignorance and caste blindness is visible. Fix it’. At the same time, another user wrote, ‘This is Deepika Padukone and not Camila Alves’.


.@GettyImages that’s Deepika Padukone btw, not Camila Alves pic.twitter.com/XCR9uNosUH

— Nidhi Singh (@nidhisingh_) March 12, 2023

Deepika gave this speech about Natu-Natu
It is known that Deepika Padukone gave a wonderful speech on the stage of Oscar about the song Natu-Natu of RRR film, which was praised all over the world. Hui. He said, ‘The tongue-tickling chorus, the dance-able beats and the scintillating dance moves. All of them together have spread this song like a sensation all over the world. The hall echoed with the applause of the people amid Deepika’s speech. He completed his speech intermittently amidst applause.

Confieso que pensé what era Camila Alves (the wife of Matthew McConaughey) when we presented 🤣🙉

En realidad es Deepika Padukone, la actress de Bollywood .

Es impresario mega parecida . pic.twitter.com/Zq5H16mLCq

— Lucrecia – FINALLY THE HOMA (@LuloAvecita) March 13, 2023


.@GettyImages @voguemagazine This is Deepika Padukone not Camila Alves. pic.twitter.com/bGl5wtnySg

— aunty. (@sincerelyCL) March 12, 2023

These films created history at the Oscars

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