Kili Paul’s sister can become Pawan Singh’s heroine, fans appreciate Nima Paul’s dance

Kili Paul And Neema Paul Dances On Pawan Singh song: Social media influencer Kili Paul does not need any introduction today. Funny videos of Kylie Paul on social media are seen going viral on the corridors of the internet. Kylie Paul knows very well how to attract the audience and he has become very popular across the country. He not only made videos on Bollywood songs, but he has made millions of people feel loved by making videos on superhit dialogues and songs from Bhojpuri cinema to Tollywood. Kylie Paul knows very well what is trending on social media, taking advantage of which he takes ideas from the audience and is seen sharing his new videos every other day.

Kylie Paul’s video for Pawan Singh fans

Kily Paul has fallen in love with India so much that he is learning India’s mother tongue Hindi to stay connected with this country. Yes, Kylie Paul is seen making videos on Bhojpuri songs more than Bollywood these days. Not only Kylie Paul, but her sister Neema Paul also makes the audience crazy by showing her sizzling dance in funny videos along with her. Recently, once again in their traditional attire, these two siblings have made and shared a video on Pawan Singh’s song, which is getting immense love from the audience.


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More than 68000 viewers have made this video of Kylie Paul viral by pressing the like button. In this video, all the heroines of Pawan Singh are seen failing in front of Neema Paul’s dance moves. Pawan Singh’s fans are tagging him in these posts and requesting him to make a new song with Neema Paul. Sharing this video, Kylie Paul wrote in the caption "This song with which he made an emoji with fire and wrote Mere Pawan Singh’s fans…"

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