Harshdeep Kaur Love Story: This singer had found the groom in a friend, know why she wears a turban?

Harshdeep Kaur Marriage Anniversary: The almighty sometimes sends such naked ones on this earth, who spread sweetness and love in the whole world with their spirituality. Famous singer Harshdeep Kaur, born with such spirituality, is so famous that her fans are present in every corner of the country. Harshdeep, who made millions of hearts sing ‘Gur Naal Ishq Meetha’ with her voice, resides in the minds of crores of people. But the owner of a lovely voice, this singer used to have only one name in his heart since childhood and that name was Mankeet Singh. Today Harshdeep and Mankeet are celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary. Let us introduce you to the lovely love story of both.

Best childhood friend

With the grace of Waheguru, no one knew when Harshdeep, who used to sing ‘Ik Onkar’ from the age of just six, started singing ‘Katiya Karoon’ while studying. However, there was one person who knew every little thing about Harshdeep. He was none other than his best friend Mankeet Singh. It is said that only time makes two friends in love understand that there is something more than friendship between them. Something similar happened with Harshdeep and Mankeet. To say that both were friends since childhood. They used to study together, play together, but love entered their friendship when Harshdeep moved from Delhi to Mumbai.

Friend found partner

Amidst the unknown city and unknown people, Mankeet emerged as such a companion for Harshdeep, who never let him fall alone in the dazzling world of Mayanagari. Harshdeep, who had come from Delhi to Mumbai to study, suddenly met Mankeet one day after years. Just then what was this friendship of childhood, gradually it became deeper and deeper and with time the color of this friendship became so thick that Harshdeep and Mankeet never felt the need of any third person. Both started liking each other and often started spending time together. Harshdeep and Mankeet fell behind each other like this and just did not know when the friendship turned into love.    

The name of love given to friendship after marriage

Harshdeep’s voice that mesmerized people by singing songs in six languages ​​and the echo of desires resonated in Mankeet’s heart and mind in such a way that he lost his heart to ‘Sufi Sultana’. First there was love between the two, then there was an agreement and then both of them decided to tie the knot while doing ‘Twist Kamariya’. Harshdeep and Mankeet turned the pyari si love story into a lifelong relationship by getting married on March 20, 2015. Eight years ago, Harshdeep and Mankeet got married amidst family and friends. Both also have a son named Hunar Singh.

Harshdeep’s turban connection

There is something interesting in Harshdeep’s life along with love and his songs, then he wears a turban while singing his songs. Seeing this turban many questions arose in the minds of the people. Actually, there is a special reason behind this and that is that in the show ‘Junoon Kuch Kar Dikhana Ka’, Harshdeep wanted to sing with her head covered. In such a situation, Singer sang a song wearing a turban at the behest of his brother-in-law and since then this journey started and continues even today.

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