Because of this, Kangana Ranaut does not want to invite anyone from the industry to her house, had said such a big thing

Kangana Ranaut On Bollywood Celebs: Kangana Ranaut is also known as the ‘Panga Queen’ of Bollywood. Kangana Ranaut’s name is included in those Bollywood actresses, who are famous for their childlessness. Kangana expresses her opinion on any issue in a fearless manner. Kangana is often seen targeting nepotism and Bollywood star kids as well. Kangana’s controversial statements sometimes bring her into the limelight. Some time ago, Kangana had given a statement, in which she had said that there is no such star in Bollywood, whom she can invite to her home. In fact, Kangana was asked to name three people from the industry whom she would like to invite to her home. 

‘No one deserves this service’ >
Let me tell you, when Kangana’s film ‘Dhakad’ was about to come, she gave this interview. Responding to this from the YouTube channel Curly Tales, he said, "There is no one in Bollywood who deserves this service. Don’t call home at all. It’s okay to meet somewhere outside, but don’t invite anyone home", During this interview, when the actress was asked that she does not have any singer friend in the industry, she replied, "Yes, not at all. These people are not even fit to be my friends. qualification is required to be my friend". 


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Talk about the work front of the actress, soon she will be seen in ‘Chandramukhi 2’. Hindi remake Bhool Bhulaiya was made on this film. In this film, South’s big star Raghav Lawrence will be seen with Kangana. Along with this, Lakshmi Menon and Vadevelu are also in the lead roles in the film. Recently, Kangana had completed the shooting of her part, after which she also wrote an emotional post. In this post, he praised the film’s co-actor Raghav Lawrence and said that it is very difficult for him to say goodbye to everyone after so long. 

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