Exclusive: ‘Suffered financial crisis’, there was no arrangement for food for the next day, now films and OTT are rocking

New Delhi: Sharib Hashmi in his acting career so far has featured in films like ‘Vikram Vedha’, ‘Mission Majnu’, ‘The Great Indian Murder’, ‘Shivshastri Balboa’, ‘Asur’, ‘Scam’, ‘Afwah’ and ‘Zara Hatke Zara Bachke’. Has appeared in films and series. These days he is seen in the film ‘Tarla’ streamed on G5. Actors win the hearts of fans with each of their characters. But before coming into the acting world, he has struggled hard. There has been a time when they did not even know how to make arrangements for tomorrow’s food. Let’s know the story of the actor’s struggle in his own words.

News18 Hindi In an exclusive conversation with, Sharib told that seeing what was special, he made up his mind to play this character. He says, ‘I saw a lot of scope in this character. I think that if this film was offered to any actor, he would not have been able to refuse. Anyone would be a fool who would want to reject such a character. It doesn’t matter to me whether the title role is mine or not, but the importance of my character should be good, the character should be around the story. For me, this importance in a character is enough.

‘Main Pooja Bhabhi Nahi Hoon’, when the actress was fed up with her own character, the film broke many records

Has it ever happened that a film has inspired you a lot and you have thought that I too will do the same thing now. When asked, Sharib says, ‘When I saw Rock On, that film left a deep impression on me. I was upset with the job at that time and I had to do something. That film inspired a lot. So much so that Rock On has a big hand behind my becoming an actor. That film settled in my mind. It left a deep impression on me and you are seeing what happened after that.

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Sharib was asked if there has ever been such a moment in your life when you felt that everything is over. In response to the question, the actor’s eyes become moist, he says, ‘Initially when I left the job, I had to face a lot of problems. I gave auditions for 3 years but did not get work. Didn’t get money for one shot film. At that time I was sitting outside a mall thinking what to do, from whom to ask for money, I didn’t even know where the food would come from the next day? At that time I called my friend Vaibhav Modi and told him that I am in dire need of money, give me some work. At that time he was working for a show Jor Ka Jhatka which was being hosted by Shahrukh Khan. And they needed a writer. He immediately called me the next day and also gave me a signing amount.

Please tell that when Sharib was asked about Huma Qureshi, he says, ‘When she is on the set, the atmosphere is very good. Especially he is a very good person in making friends. The art they have to make everyone feel special is commendable. It is not a friendship that is forced, whatever she speaks, she speaks from the heart, it does not seem to them that she is saying this just to make the person in front happy. Apart from being a good actress, she is also a good human being.

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