Bollywood’s horror film, the soul will tremble even after 34 years, dominated the box office, earned double the amount

Mumbai. Hundreds of films are released every year in Bollywood. There is a plethora of stories for every audience. But the biggest shortage is seen in horror films in Bollywood. Today, in the era of graphics and animation, horror is also presented on screen in a unique style. In the year 1990, a powerful Bollywood horror film was released.

The name of this film was ‘Band Darwaza’. People gave a lot of love to this film. Also, this film was a super hit at the box office. The film was directed by Shyam Ramsay and Tulsi Ramsay. The story of this film, released on June 1, 1990, shocked the audience. People screamed in theaters. Even after 34 years, the audience likes the story of this film a lot. Not only this, after this film became a superhit, the number of horror films in Bollywood also started increasing.

The film was successful at the box office
The film Band Darwaza, released in 1990, is a great story. People liked this horror story very much as soon as it was released. According to media reports, the film was also a hit at the box office. The film had earned more than 2 times the money. People also liked the storyline of the film very much. The story of the film starts from the life of a woman. There is a woman who cannot get pregnant. But this thing makes him sad.

During this time he is introduced to an unknown person. In which it is said that this man will help you get pregnant but he has a condition. If it is a daughter, he will keep it and if it is a son, the woman will keep it. First the woman gets ready for this. After becoming pregnant she gives birth to a daughter. But she refuses to agree as per the condition. After this the film takes a terrible turn and the story becomes scary. Seeing this film it will not seem that it is a 34 year old film.

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