Blockbuster film in 1991, whose three stars were not the first choice, they got offers before Sanjay, Salman, Madhuri

Mumbai: Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit’s film ‘Saajan’ has been released for 32 years, but the songs of this film still live in the hearts of people. Be it a new lover or a lover suffering from heartbreak, the songs of this film are still liked by the people. In 1991, when the film Saajan was released in theatres, as if the audience thronged outside the theatres, this film made in a budget of 1.58 crores proved to be a blockbuster. The film had earned 18 crores worldwide.

Saajan received positive reviews from critics and audiences, especially its songs. The film was directed by Saajan Lawrence, which proved to be the most successful and biggest film of his career. It is said that the story of Saajan was based on the life of writer Reema Rakesh Nath. Seeing the success of the film, a film named Allari Priyudu was also made in Telugu. However, it was an unofficial remake of Saajan.

The story of Saajan was based on a love triangle, in which Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan were in the lead roles. However, it is another matter that all these three actors i.e. Sanjay, Madhuri and Salman Khan were not the first choice for the film. Yes, he was not the first choice of the makers for the blockbuster Saajan which gave a new direction to the careers of all the three stars. So who were those stars who were first offered this film, let us tell you.

The film Saajan was one of the highest grossing films of the year 1991. (Photo Credits: IMDb)

This actor was the first choice
The role of Akash Verma, played by Salman Khan in the film, was first offered to Aamir Khan. Mr. Perfectionist also liked the script and he also knew that the film would be a blockbuster in the future. But, he was unable to connect himself with the role of Akash, so he thought it right to pull out of the film. Aamir Khan himself mentioned this in an interview.

At the same time, it is said that Rishi Kapoor was first approached for the role of Sagar in the film. But, when he could not be a part of this film, Sanjay Dutt was talked to and he immediately agreed to this film and became Sagar. Not only this, Madhuri Dixit was not the makers’ first choice for the role of Pooja Saxena in the film. Yes, earlier this film was offered to Ayesha Julka. He also signed the film. But, meanwhile, Ayesha fell ill and Madhuri Dixit got the benefit. Madhuri agreed to the film and became Pooja Saxena.

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