Arshi Khan Videos: Video of actress Arshi Khan goes viral, ‘UP will come ten times, Deoria will come thousand times’

Model Arshi Khan has been a participant in Bigg Boss season 14. Recently his manager reached Deoria city of Uttar Pradesh. There he was thrashed by four people, including a gym operator, after which he lodged a complaint in the police station and filed a case. After this incident Arshi Khan also reached Deoria, but when the media asked her why she and her manager had to come to Deoria. She did not speak much on this, she only said that she had some work for which her manager had come here.

In this regard, ASP Deoria Rajesh Sonkar told that action is being taken on the complaint of the girl. But in the meantime, many of her videos went viral one after the other, in which she is speaking about coming to Deoria and UP. Arshi Khan is seen in different dresses and places in almost all these five videos.
what’s in the videos
In a video, Arshi Khan is listening to music in the car while smoking a cigarette and in the meantime she is saying in between in the tune of that song… ‘Pyaar mein abhi aur jalil hona hai, chalo sanno, saman pack karo, deoria jayenge, aag bhi lagayenge’ … ‘While in another video, Arshi Khan says-‘Sharma ji, we have come to Lucknow. UP will come ten times and Deoria will come thousand times.

Arshi does not stop here, she takes a puff of cigarette and warns Sharma that she will tell about his entire character in Deoria. Similarly, in the third video, Arshi Khan is saying Deoria-Deoria, Abhishek Sharma ji, we have come to Deoria. Nothing has happened in love yet. What is UP, to be humiliated in love all over India. In another video, Arshi Khan Sharma says ji I love you and further says that you have filed a case but don’t file a false case. She is also saying that she will not let the marriage happen.

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