Ajmer 92 Trailer Out: ‘Ajmer 92’ is the story of a journalist who raped 250 girls and solved their mystery

Mumbai. Ajmer 92 Trailer Out: The trailer of the much awaited film ‘Ajmer 92’ has finally been launched. There was a lot of controversy earlier regarding the name of the film, but after watching the trailer hardly anyone has any objection to it. In ‘Ajmer 92’, the rape of 250 girls that took place between 1989 and 1992 and the suicide of many of them minor girls have been shown. Due to this news, panic and religious frenzy spread in Ajmer. The story revolves around how some people rape these girls by blackmailing them.

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‘Ajmer-92’ will prove to be a story to awaken a sense of empowerment within women, inspire them to break their silence and fight bravely against any kind of tyranny.

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