36 years ago, his son started hating Dharmendra, why was there a rift in the relationship?


New Delhi. It is said that daughters are the darlings of Babylon and sons are their father’s true friends. Bollywood’s He-Man i.e. Dharmendra is often in the headlines for both his families. While Dharmendra is often seen pampering his daughters, he also has a very good bonding with his two sons i.e. Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol. These days Dharmendra is in US with his elder son. You must have heard in the stories of Dharmendra’s second marriage that Sunny was very angry with Hema Malini in those days, but do you know that 36 years ago, one of his sons also started getting very angry and upset with her. A rift also started appearing between the two. File photo.

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