3 movies made in 1 name in 32 years, all three movies made huge money, makers were shocked to see BO collection


The trend of film sequels has started in Bollywood. Be it Bollywood or South Cinema, in both the industries, you will find that in the last few years, we have got to see more sequel films. There are many films like Dangal, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, KGF, Bahubali. But it has also often been seen that many films were made with the same name under which the film was released years ago. This film was not a part of the sequel, but the makers wanted to take a chance or say that due to the demand of the script, the makers did it many times. The film we are talking about today, this film was made not once or twice but three times in the last 32 years and proved to be a super hupper hit at the box office all the three times. The makers made a film three times with the name Andaz and all the three times the makers got rich from the film.

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