Emma Watson Birthday: Emma Watson was on the lips of every child as Hermione, did not act for three years to study

Emma Watson Unknown Facts: ‘Innocent face…fun in the eyes..far away shy, come hi!’ This song may be from a Hindi film, but it fits perfectly on actress Emma Watson, who played the role of Hermione in Harry Potter. How… He is such that whenever his name comes on the tongue, it reminds me of his first scene in ‘Harry Potter’. Hermione’s (Emma) innocence in front of that screeching train and Ron-Harry wins everyone’s heart.

Name by chance

At the age of 10, Emma started playing stage. While working hard, one day that opportunity came in front of Emma, ​​taking advantage of which she started being counted among the biggest actresses of Hollywood. Given the opportunity, Emma showed not only Hollywood, but the world what she was capable of. One day during a stage play, her teachers told Emma that a girl of her own age was being searched for ‘Harry Potter’. The actress didn’t let this opportunity pass her by.

Auditioned eight times for Hermione

When Emma reached to audition, she was not finalized at once. To get the role of Hermione, Emma had to make a lot of papads. The actress had to audition eight times. Even after facing repeated rejections, Emma did not give up and on the basis of her dedication, she finally got the role of Hermione. As soon as ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ came out of the book and came to the cinema screen, this magical world wrote the fate of many children in golden letters. Emma Watson was also one of them. In her very first film at the age of just 11, Emma spread such magic on the screen that children used to call her name and she became a child superstar. What was it then, she went on to be a part of every part of the Harry Potter series. 

Hit films one after the other

Emma Watson, who got immense love from people all over the world by playing the role of Hermione in ‘Harry Potter’, wanted to break this image and establish herself. For this, the actress worked in the film ‘Ballet Shoes’ released in the year 2007, in which everyone was forced to applaud after seeing her performance. While doing this, Emma went on to give hit films one after the other, including ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Noah’, ‘Little Woman’ etc. Along with being capable of acting, Emma also proved to be a promising student. While climbing the ladder of success in film career, Emma did not ignore her studies, but paid more attention to them. 

Study was not neglected

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