Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao hides in principal’s office.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jijabai questions herself for not being a worthy mother-in-law for not having any daughter in law respecting her. Jijabai hallucinates Daliya taunting her for it while she was only asking for some sugar. Jijabai brings her sugar. She cannot let this hallucination be a reality, will do something about Karuna.

Rama takes everyone to Bhim Rao’s college. Vaipal and Shishupal follow them. The principal reaches the college and questions Ramji and the family. Rama calls Shishupal and Vaipal to come out, Karuna knows they are here. Rama asks Principal to see that they aren’t letting Bhim Rao attempt his exams. Principal leaves unbothered. Shishupal will not let it happen. Vaipal leaves on sound of bell. Ramji and everyone questions Rama about Bhim Rao’s whereabouts. Guruji informs that Bhim Rao is here, Karun tells that Bhim Rao is in Principal’s office.
The principal questions the clerk about having his office door locked. The clerk tells that he had Bhim Rao inside. Guruji informs that it was necessary to do so, to let Bhim Rao take his exam.

Rama informs that she heard about the kidnapping plan, immediately asked Bhim Rao to hide though he wanted to face the situation. Karuna favored Rama, they took Bhim Rao to Guruji to have him hidden inside the college. Guruji thought of the clerk and took Bhim Rao to him. The clerk apologized to Principal, thought of providing protection to a college student. Bhim Rao assured that he didn’t touch anything in the office. Guruji sends Bhim Rao to take the exam. The principal cannot let Bhim Rao take a graduation degree.
Ramji appreciates Rama for her work, it’s a struggle for Bhim Rao to hide in Principal’s office for his exam. Lakshmi appreciated Rama for being different, she did everything in her will to help Bhim Rao. There is nothing more important for Rama that Bhim Rao’s education.

Bhim Rao enters the room and takes his question paper, Vaipal has lost again.

Vaijnath throws the table away in anger. Shishupal never thought about Bhim Rao being the college. Vaijanth will do something about it, Bhim Rao will come out one day and has some more papers left.

Rama tells Ramji a plan to provide security to Bhim Rao. Anand wonders how to reach the education minister. Bala has someone there. They leave to talk to them.

Jijabai comes to Vaijanth asking for help. Shishupal questions for helping Bhim Rao’s mother, Jijabai isn’t his mother, nor does he consider her a mother. Jijabai is here to ask help to take revenge. Vaijnath asks her to speak. She wants an upper caste man of Bala’s age; she plans to create a misunderstanding between Bala and Karuna. Jijabai can not let Karuna have her husband. She will rest after turning Karuna like her. Bala wonders. Vaijnath understands, sends Jijabai home. He tells that Karuna will meet the boy in the market.

Bala got an appointment, but he will only talk to one person. Rama wants Ramji to go but he sends Rama. Everyone supports Rama, she is the only one here who can convince the officer.
Rama enters the office to find the officer yelling at his clerk. She asks permission to come in, he rudely asks her to speak. Rama hesitates as first. Rama asks the officer to allow her husband to stay inside the college until his exams, and in written. The man questions, Rama insists. He was about to tear the page. Rama tells that him tearing those pages will break a lot of hopes, the officer was yelling at his clerk because he was more educated. Rama wants the same for her husband and that is only possible if the office allows him to stay in college. Rama and her husband will forever remember this.

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