Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Deepak gifts Bhim Rao a book.

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Guruji is writing something in his notebook. The judge recognized him being present with Bhim Rao. Guruji tells that he is Bhim Rao’s teacher. The judge praised him and Bhim Rao for being a strong protagonist of justice and law. Guruji considers it an honor to be Bhim Rao’s teacher. He tells that it’s Bhim Rao’s birthday, judge questions Guruji for not wishing Bhim Rao. Guruji gave Bhim Rao his blessings, he is writing down points that he needs to teach Bhim Rao now.

Deepak has brought Bhim Rao a book. Shoba asks Bhim Rao to unwrap the gift, Deepak was excited for it. Bhim Rao was shocked to see that Deepak gifted him a book of Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844. He recalls how the librarian told Bhim Rao that this book is too expensive for him to buy. Deepak saw Bhim Rao than. Bhim Rao showed it to everyone. Deepak told him that he had been saving money to buy this book. Bhim Rao questions him for doing so. Bhim Rao has taught him the way of life; Deepak is glad to be of any help. Bhim Rao hugs Deepak, everyone claps for them. Maloji said that just like Deepak spent all his money for the book Bhim Rao will spend everything for the country. Like he fought away all the curses before, Bhim Rao will lead everyone to victory.

Vaijnath’s sons question their father for being silent. Vaipal says that they cannot give up. Vaijnath questions, they have already lost. He lost for the first time in his life because of his sons. Vaijnath beats his son in anger. After beating them up he asks them to find a new strategy, they need to fight from their stronger front. The lower caste is like mere dried leaves. He asks his son to cry in pain until they tell him how to defeat the lower caste.

Jijabai comes inside calling everyone idiots, thinking that everything is a lie. He taunts Guruji for lecturing her, he doesn’t know the pain of losing a job. Everyone cares about Bhim Rao’s birthday; she lost her job and now everyone will degrade her. Rami disagrees, Guruji thought she was right, and no one degrades her. He tells Jijabai that Bhim Rao doesn’t hate her, he just didn’t want Ramji to marry anyone, Bhim Rao would have treated any other woman the same. Jijabai questions him for lecturing her now. Ramji tells us that life is like taking small steps, we need to learn how to take each step. Jijabai is standing on a step where she needs to decide if she will continue to hate Bhim Rao or change herself. Ramji waits for her reply.

Bhim Rao, Anand and Maloji are busy writing some letters, Ramji questions. Bhim Rao says that they are thanking all those people who participated in the fight. Rama asks Bhim Rao to practice writing letters to hundreds and thousands of people. Bhim Rao questions. Rama is sure that one day Bhim Rao will win fights for the country, with the support of thousands of people.

Ramji questions Jijabai. She asks where Bhim Rao is, Ramji tells that he is outside. Jijabai asks that by going out she will find Bhim Rao, so she will never go in the direction where she will meet Bhim Rao. It’s her compulsion to live with him now. Ramji says that she will regret the day when she won’t live with Bhim Rao anymore.

At night, Vaijnath’s is anxious and restless, he can not let Bhim Rao win. He called his sons, called them towards him. He questions them about a strategy. Vaipal has understood something, in order to kill a tree, they need to tear apart its roots. Bhim Rao has his roots in Bhimabai and Ramji. Bhimabai is already read, killing Ramji will tore apart the family and their life. Vaijnath’s tells them a plan to kill Ramji.

The judge came to meet Bhim Rao, he met his Guruji and found Bhim Rao extremely wise and compassionate. The judge came to him personally with the court order. Anand questions. The Judge wants to know a name that will represent lower caste in parliament. Phuliya takes Bhim Rao’s name, but he refuses. Bhim Rao takes Maloji’s name, he questions. Maloji doesn’t consider himself eligible for this job. Bhim Rao thinks that someone who can give up alcohol can do anything.

The Episode Ends.

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