Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: The Chawl celebrates Bhim Rao’s birhtday.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Guruji telling Jijabai that she has never been more than a step – mother, never understood Bhim Rao. He advises her to acknowledge Bhim Rao so she could be part of his victories as well. Everyone should celebrate Bhim Rao, care for him and value his achievements because he has been nothing more than a hero for the lower caste. Maloji announces to have a celebration in chawl, where Bhim Rao can tell everyone what he really feels. They all go home to prepare for tomorrow.

Next morning, Ramji wakes up, washes his face. He sees Meera blessing Bhim Rao on his birthday. Ramji recalls the day he was born after all the inconveniences, reminisces all the times he was victorious. Rama calls Bhim Rao, she takes him inside.

Bhim Rao questions her for being silent. Rama gives him a flower wishing him a birthday. He thanks her for it. Maloji calls him outside, Bhim Rao asks for Rama’s permission to go. Rama has a whole bouquet in her hand, she refuses to let him go. Rama gives her another flower wishing warrior of her caste. Maloji keeps calling Bhim Rao. He refuses to go out. Rama gives him all the flowers one by one. It’s a pleasure for Rama to be his wife, he wishes him for it. Rama asks him to go now. Bhim Rao will not leave without saying something. He will forever be grateful to her for these flowers, Rama has an equal part in all of his struggles and victories. Whenever a husband is victorious people congratulate him, the wife loads him with love but whenever that husband losses, the people leave him, but the wife stays with her husband. Rama has been there to support him in bad times as well. Maloji comes to call Bhim Rao, sees that he is with Rama. Maloji asks Bhim Rao to prepare a speech for everyone. Rama and Maloji leave to prepare for the celebration.

Every member of the chawl is busy decorating the chawl. Deepak tells Shoba that Bhim Rao is very special to him, he wants to gift him something special as well. Meera asks what he will bring. Deepak asks her to see it once he gifts him. Deepak leaves.

Hitesh taunts Bhim Rao, it’s the worst day of his life because everyone is preparing for Bhim Rao’s birthday on the day, he lost his job. Janardan says that everyone will celebrate, they aren’t just happy for Bhim Rao’s birthday but for us losing our jobs. Joku intervenes, he doesn’t know about everyone else, but he is happy because karma got Hitesh and others well.

After completing the preparations, Maloji calls Bhim Rao outside. He invites Hitesh and Janardan as well. Everyone applauds as Bhim Rao comes out. Maloji invites Bhim Rao to give the speech. Deepak notices Hitesh taunting Bhim Rao for it. Everyone invites Bhim Rao. Janardan agrees with Bhim Rao, he is just using everyone for his own good. Bhim Rao moves towards the stage. Deepak assures them that Bhim Rao will not get on stage. Joku challenges him, Deepak agrees, he will stop supporting Bhim Rao if he gets on stage. Bhim Rao moves towards the stage; he takes a step but stops. Bhim Rao refuses to get on stage, Deepak applauds him. Annand questions Bhim Rao for not doing so, everyone prepared it for him. Bhim Rao never wished to reach the highest point but to stay with everyone. In Sitara, Ramji stopped a few people from giving him a mala because that refrains one from becoming a warrior. Bhim Rao wants to be a warrior for his people.
Bhim Rao tells everyone that they are strong when united, their fragmentation will tear them apart. The societal difference is elite culture, the upper caste uses it for their own benefit. Their strength lies in their unity. Things will fall apart but they need to learn how to keep everything together. They are all like a hand, having different fingers but when closed they combined in one.

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