Why is it important to get enough sleep before the exam? Know the disadvantages of lack of sleep in 5 points

Sleep is important before exam: Nowadays board exams are going on. Some children have this habit that no matter how much they have studied before, they want to revise everything one night before the exam. In such a situation, they sleep very little at night, and sometimes they do not sleep the whole night. For some students, sleeping less during the exam days becomes a habit. This practice is not good. Experts also consider it wrong. Know what kind of changes happen in our body due to lack of sleep and how it ultimately harms us.

Lack of sleep can cause many problems

  • How much sleep is necessary for a person depends mainly on his age. If we talk about students, then for them 8 to 9 hours of sleep is considered necessary for the proper functioning of the body.
  • With good sleep, the hormones of the body work properly. Like sugar level, insulin level remains fine. The body’s cholesterol, leptin, ghrelin and cortisol levels also remain fine. When they are right, the body works properly.
  • Due to lack of sleep, leptin, which is also known as the satiety hormone, is reduced. No matter how much you eat from it, you don’t feel full or satisfied. On the contrary, the ghrelin hormone becomes active due to lack of sleep. Due to this, a person starts eating more and he has craving for different types of sweet and salty food, that is, he feels like eating.
  • The worst thing is that due to lack of sleep, the hormone cotrisol is released more. It is also called stress hormone. Because of this there can be swelling in the body and you can also become ill. Giving paper in the state of illness is also a very difficult task.
  • Due to the increase in cortisol level, there is also a problem in memory and coordination. Your memory may deteriorate, forget things and become forgetful. All this increases stress and anxiety and creates fear in the mind. So do not compromise on sleep on both the exam days or on normal days.

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