Varun, who worked to make bicycle punctures, became an IAS officer through hard work and dedication.

UPSC Success Story: The destination is reached only by those who have life in their dreams, nothing happens with wings, they fly with courage. This line fits perfectly on IAS officer Varun Baranwal. Taking the responsibility of the family after the death of his father, he furthered his studies and became an IAS officer. Varun, a resident of Baisore city of Maharashtra, faced many challenges in his journey from student life to IAS, but on the strength of his hard work and dedication, he achieved his destination. 

Used to make punctures
After the death of his father, the responsibility of the family fell on Varun. Then Varun, who was fast in studies, took over the job of repairing his father’s cycle and started plugging punctures. During this, he got the second position in the whole city in the tenth examination. But due to family responsibilities, he left his studies.

Resumed studies at the behest of an acquaintance
Varun left his studies due to lack of money. Was. But a familiar doctor advised him to resume his studies and also got Varun admitted in the college. After doing 12th, Varun got an engineering degree. However, while studying, he had to face a lot of difficulties in paying the fees. Along with studies, Varun kept running a cycle shop and also taught tuition. The result of Varun’s dedication and hard work was that he topped in the first semester itself. For this reason, he was given scholarship in the college. After doing engineering, Varun started preparing for Civil Services Examination.

Achieved 32nd rank
Varun, who has always been involved in social work, has been an 8-year-old. After hard work, got 32nd rank in the entire country in the Civil Services Examination. In this way, with hard work and courage, Varun Baranwal became an IAS officer. Let us tell you that Varun also participated in the movement for the Jan Lokpal bill of social worker Anna Hazare.

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