Schools will remain closed for so many days in September, you can also see the list

Holidays in September 2023: Whether the children are going to school or college, everyone eagerly waits for the holidays. Talking about the month of September, there will be a total of seven holidays in this month including Sundays. Whereas in the capital Delhi, children will get three more days of holidays.

Let us inform that in the month of September there will be a holiday on the third day of September. Apart from this, the schools will remain closed on the occasion of Janmashtami on 7th September. Apart from this, there will be a holiday on 10 September and 17 September due to Sunday. Apart from this, Ganesh Chaturthi will be a holiday on 19th September. While September 24 is a Sunday, there will be a holiday in schools on September 28 on the occasion of Eid-e-Milad. For information related to holidays, students can check the calendar of schools.

Holidays in September 2023: Schools will remain closed on these dates

  • Janmashtami: 6 or 7 September 2023
  • Ganesh Chaturthi/Vinayak Chaturthi: 19 September 2023
  • Milad un-Nabi / Eid-e-Milad: 28 September 2023

Holidays in September 2023: Holidays due to G20 Summit

On the other hand, if we talk about the country’s capital Delhi, schools will remain closed for three days in the month of September apart from the holidays. The holidays in the capital will be from 8 to 10 September 2023. These holidays will be due to the G20 Summit to be held in Delhi. Schools, colleges have been ordered to be closed because of the G20 summit. Schools will remain completely closed as per the instructions. While colleges can run online classes if they want.

Thousands of people will join the G20 members’ contingent, so the government has made preparations to ensure smooth traffic arrangements across the city. Several heads of state and diplomats are expected to attend the G20 leaders’ summit, including US President Joe Biden, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron.

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