How much does education cost in Canada, is education more expensive here than other countries?

What is the total studying cost in India: When it comes to studying abroad, many students prefer to go to Canada. The quality education here and the importance of their degrees are some of the reasons why it has become the favorite education destination of Indian students. The most important thing is that after getting a degree in Canada, there are good chances of getting a job here, that is why it is a favorite place for students. Let us know approximately how much it can cost to study in Canada.

It is cheaper than other countries

The cost of education in any country depends on many factors like selection of course, selection of university or institute etc. However, if we want to make a broad comparison, it can be said that Canada is cheaper than other countries like US, Australia, UK etc. Here you get a degree at comparatively low cost.

Expenses come under these heads

In any country and also in Canada, the expenses of education are covered under these heads. Pre-arrival expenses, academic costs such as tuition fees, housing, transportation, basic utilities (food, internet, etc.), health insurance and taxes. The total expense is calculated by combining all these.

how much does it cost on average

As we told earlier also that it depends on many things but it can be roughly calculated how much money it costs to study there. International students may have to spend Rs 10 to 21 lakh per year to get a degree from here. The tuition fee here in the best institutes is up to 35 thousand Canadian dollars i.e. 18 lakh rupees.

After this comes the living expenses. Talking in Indian Rupees, you may have to spend comfortably Rs 70 to 80 thousand per month to live here. This amount is small which can increase.

UG and PG fees

The average fee for taking Bachelor’s degree can range from Rs 7 to Rs 30 lakh. Engineering and medicine programs are a bit expensive compared to normal programs. The tuition fee for these can be up to Rs 12 lakh. Whereas for PG courses, tuition fees can be up to Rs 10 lakh per year. Rest of the fees are different according to each course.

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