Career Options: If you love animals then make a career in Pet Grooming, this is how to enter this field

How to start career in pet grooming: Those people are different who love animals. Ordinary people cannot understand this love of his. For this reason, spending time with animals, taking care of them and taking care of their cleanliness to their looks is not in everyone’s capability. But if you enjoy these works and can work patiently with a dumb person, then you can come in the field of pet grooming.

As the name suggests, they work on the care and look of pets. Cutting their hair, bathing, cleaning ears, cutting nails, brushing teeth and many such works come under this.

where to study

To enter the field of pet grooming, there is not much need for formal education, but if you do a course and take training, then you definitely get its benefit. There are many certificate courses available in pet grooming that can be done. These can be from 2 to three and up to 6 months. Many institutes offer this course. Apart from this, online certificate courses are also offered. You can choose as per your convenience. Many private institutes are working in this field.

You can do the course from here

Courses can be taken from many places like Shaver Grooming School, Bangalore, Scooby Scrubs Delhi, Popaw Bangalore, Whiskers and Tails Mumbai. Apart from this, courses can also be done from Alison, Penn Foster, TAFE Courses, Shaw Academy, Fuzzy-Wuzzy etc. Online certificate courses are also run in many places. You can choose them too.

Practical knowledge is more important

Practical knowledge is very important to enter and succeed in this field. It would be better if you work in a pet grooming salon for a few days and get experience. Enter this field only after learning how to handle animals, how to give them a beautiful look, what the client wants, how to deal with the stomach with patience. The more experience you have, the bigger you will be able to do.

can open own salon

Once you have complete knowledge and experience, you can open your own salon if you want. There is a lot of demand for them in big cities and nowadays people from small towns have also started taking advantage of these facilities. Earning in this field depends on where you work, where you live and experience, but roughly in the beginning up to 20 to 35 thousand rupees and later 50 to 80 thousand rupees can be earned. With time earning can also be in lakhs.

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