Durga Aur Charu 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Everyone finds out Charu is Devi

Durga Aur Charu 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Durga says Anirban got married to Charu not me. Everyone is shocked. She says right mausi maa? Right Charu? I got to know Charu.Charu says don’t say all that. You love Anirban. Durga says but you married him and he loves you. Let me be a good friend too. Stop sacrificing everything. I cn’t come between you both. Charu says it’s all useless. You and Anirban will get married to each other. Durga says you both are already married. We can’t fight destiny. We can’t force someone to love us. God makes couples in heaven. He made your couple with Anirban. Sampurna says forgive me Durga I thought you would shatter. Durga says you chose the right partner for Anirban. He loves Charu and Charu you love him too. Stop fighting with your heart. Sampurna says it’s not Charu’s fault. It’s all my fault. They were tied together by God. Durga says Charu saved Anirban everytime not me. She was there at an accident. Sampurna says Charu is also our daughter. I never kept any differences between Durga and Charu. Dadi says Abhirup she’s our Anirban’s protector. She saved him everytime. How can she be impure? I was wrong I couldn’t see good in her. I accept her as our DIL. Sampurna hugs her. Anirban says I am very happy dadi. Dadi says we will have to do the wedding in pooja again today. Durga hugs Charu. They both cry. Dadi asks Durga to get Charu ready.

Scene 2
Chumki comes to her room angry. She says Bholi should have killed Charu. I won’t leave her. Charu gets ready. Charu says I am sorry. I know you love Anirban. Durga says I love you more. You know that and you deserve everything. Chumki hires goons to kidnap Charu. The servant asks Durga dadi is calling him. The goons think Durga is Charu. They kidnap her and bring her to th store room. Chumki is there. She says you brought Charu? Chumki sees Durga. She says you idiot, you picked the wrong girl. The goons say you asked us to bring girl in red saree. Chumki says they changed the sarees? Durga asked Charu to wear Pink saree because Anirban loves it.

Dadi says let’s start the pooja. Charu says where is Durga? The servant said dadi called him. Dadi saysI didn’t. Charu gets worried for him. Anirban asks his men to look for Durga. Durga opens her eyes and says what’s going on? She says I asked them to kidnap Charu but they brought you here. Durga says are you out of your mind? Chumki says you gave that Charu everything? Durga says are you crazy? You got everything. Stop all this. Chumki says I was just daughter for name. Charu got everything. She was an orphan and she got everything. I never got anything. I won’t let that happen.

Everyone looks for Durga. Charu is worried for her. Charu says Sudha came there and said dadi called Durga. Anirban his Sudha and asks where is Durga? Durga says Charu has always thought good for us. Why are you doing this? She deserves this happiness. Chumki sayys when you all find out she is real Roy Chaudhary and your sister, you will all give her everything. Durga says you got everything. Why are you doing this/ Why are you jealous of her. Chumki says what will happen if everyone finds out she has right on Roy Chaudhary name. I will be no one. I will kill you today and then Charu. Yyou sisters have to die today. Durga says sister? Who? She says yes Charu is your real sister not me. Bholi lied to everyone. Charu is Devi. She killed bapu before he could tell your family. Durga cries and says Charu is my Devi? She says yes, Charu is Devi Roy Chaudhary. You both will die together. Everyone comes there. Anirban shoves Chumki and takes the gun from here. Charu hugs Durga. Durga says you’re my Devi. Sampurna says I saw my Bondita in Charu from day 1. I knew she was my devi. The police come and arrest Chumki. Chumki says I will kill you both. Durga says when Durga and Charu are together, no one can do anything. Durga and Charu hug each other and cry.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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