Dubai Building Fire: Indian couple who lost their lives in Dubai fire was about to give Iftar party to their neighbors, roommates expressed grief like this

Dubai Building Fire: A massive fire broke out in a residential building in Dubai, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a country in Western Asia, in which 16 people lost their lives. Many Indians are among those who died in the fire. Local media reports said that among the dead was an Indian couple who were cooking iftar for their neighbors.

The Indian couple who lost their lives has been identified as 38-year-old Rijesh Kalangadan from Kerala and his 32-year-old wife Jeshi Kandamangalath. It is being told that he wanted to give an Iftar party to his Muslim neighbours, and for this he was preparing ‘Vishusadhya’, a traditional feast with Hindu customs. According to the report of Gulf News, he had great affection for his neighbors. He was preparing a vegetarian feast served on banana leaves for his Muslim neighbours, he had also invited a group of bachelors to an Iftar party. But then the building caught fire from the other side.

The fire broke out on the fourth floor of a residential building
Gulf News reported that at least 16 people were killed and nine others were injured in the fire in the Al Ras area. After this incident, Dubai Civil Defense blamed the negligence in the security system of the building. According to Gulf News, the Dubai Civil Defense Operations Room received a call at 12.35 a.m. on Saturday about a fire in a building located in Al Ras, the old area of ​​Dubai. created a ruckus.

Indian couple who lost their lives in the fire 
Many of their neighbors talked about the Indian couple who lost their lives in this fire. Riyas Kaikambam, who lives with 7 roommates in apartment number 409, said that the behavior of the couple (Rijesh Kalangdan and his wife Jeshi Kandamangalath) living in flat number 406 was very friendly. The fire broke out in the flat 405 near them, so they were also in the grip. According to Riyas, Kalangdan was a business development manager in a travel and tourism company, while his wife Kandamangalath was a school teacher. 

This couple was ready to help their neighbors 
Late Indian couple (Rijesh Kalangdan and his wife Jeshi Kandamangalath) Neighbors say that they both used to invite their neighbors during their festivals Were. Everyone used to celebrate together and there were parties. Expressing grief, neighbor Riyas said, “They had invited us earlier also during Onam and Vishu lunch. This time they asked us to come for iftar as Muslims fast during Ramzan."

The neighbor told- under what circumstances did he last see them
Riyas Kakambam said that he had last seen this couple outside his apartment. He said, "When the fire was burning, I looked towards it and the teacher was crying." She recalled that after that she went back to her flat. He said, “Later I called them&zwj, but there was no response&zwj&zwj. I could see Rijesh’s last seen status on WhatsApp at 12.35 am. I can’t believe that the person who helped me book flight tickets for Sunday, and the person who invited me for Iftar, has lost his life (along with his wife).

‘We used to meet everyday and pray’
Another roommate of his, Suhail Kopa, who was not at home when the fire broke out, said, “We It is very sad to know that the husband and wife are no more in this world. These were the people with whom we used to meet everyday and used to greet. It’s heartbreaking to think about living in this place now, where we lost 16 neighbors, some of whom were very close.”

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