Doosri Maa 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Ashok to embrace sanyasi life

Doosri Maa 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with yashoda crying sitting in the hall. Amma sees her crying and goes to her room and cries. Babu ji hears her crying and couldn’t sleep. Ashok is in the Ashram and recalls Yashoda decorating the bed and asking him to come out. Ashok says what is the need? Yashoda says your photo is published with the message that the city got a good lawyer in Ashok Gupta. She asks him to come out and throws flower petals on him. Alok asks what is he thinking? Ashok says some sweet bitter memories. Alok says you can’t remember your family once you does the puja of sanyas. Ashok says everything is good and balance in the house. He asks him to get the ingredients of puja. Ashok goes. Bansal is also there and is showing Ashok to Kamini on video call. Kamini appreciates Bansal’s cleverness and tells that Yashoda shall not go to Mandal baba until Ashok takes sanyas. She asks yashoda where is she going? yashoda says she is going to Chotu’s house to search for Krishna. Kamini thinks Krishna will not be found. Babu ji asks Yashoda, who will make food for her daughters. Amma says she will make food and will help Yashoda like helping a neighbor. Amma asks him to bring the puja stuff for her. Babu ji asks her not to cry secretly at night. She asks him to accept Krishna. Babu ji goes to bring puja stuff. Amma says she is sure that Yashoda will bring Krishna back, and Ashok will also return. She thinks to see Babuji, Ashok and krishna’s big frame one day.

Ashok comes to buy puja stuff from Mohan’s shop. Babu ji comes there and asks Mohan to give 40 rs for his auto. Ashok gives him money. He buys the puja stuff and is leaving. Babu ji tries to return the money, but Ashok leaves. Mohan says he is the sanyasi.

Yashoda and Manoj come to Chotu’s house. Yashoda tells Manoj that Chotu’s new house is very big. They come inside and asks his parents about Chotu. His mother says he is Parag now. She says he is in tuition and calls him. Chotu comes there. Yashoda tells him that Krishna is missing and left somewhere. Chotu’s mother taunts Ashok and Krishna to have the same values. Yashoda and Manoj take stand for Ashok and Krishna. She asks chotu to inform him if Krishna calls him. Aastha and Nupur are going to temple and informs Dadi. Alok informs Ashok that he is going to Kulguru temple and hopes when he returns, he will be sanyasi. Yashoda recalls Chotu’s mother words.

Precap: Arvind informs Babu ji that he had come to know that bhaiyya is becoming sanyasi. Aastha and Nupur pray in the temple. Aastha asks God to send their father Ashok Gupta back and says they are having a big problem. Alok hears them. Mahua asks Yashoda why she didn’t inform everyone about Ashok.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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