Doosri Maa 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Yashoda ruins Kamini’s conspiracy

Doosri Maa 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna asking Nupur and Aastha to play game with him. Aastha and Nupur ask him to go and not to spoil their mood. Krishna sees Yashoda’s saree kept there, take it and goes. Later he comes back wearing saree and starts dancing. He lifts his veil and dances. Nupur laughs. Aastha also laugh. Yashoda hears them laughing aloud and goes there. Krishna keeps hand on his mouth to hide the lipstick from his lips. Yashoda asks what is happening? Krishna says they were sad so I thought to cheer them up, I have to go from here one day, will go from here with everyone’s smiling face, so that I remember their smiling face. Aastha says no need to remember us. Krishna says I have stayed with you for so many days, I can’t forget you both and even you can’t forget me and will remember me in this avatar more. He says you will get the same smile on your face when you remember me. He tells Yashoda that whenever she does their marriage, she shall call him, he will earn much money by that time and will bring many gifts for them. He says I always regarded you both as my sisters, and don’t mind if you regard me as Servant. He says I will not stay here for long. Yashoda stops him and says you will be punished for this. He says we shall have food altogether.

Nupur says today you made us laugh, and that’s why we shall have food together and asks Aastha not to refuse. Aastha says ok, but I will not accept him as my Papa’s son. Krishna says I will never take anything which is yours. Yashoda asks him to have food now.

Bansal and Varun reach outside the house. Bansal calls Kamini and says they have reached. Kamini checks Yashoda and finds her sleeping with her daughters. She says she will do the work in sometime. She then comes to Krishna and makes him smell chloroform. Mahua and Kamini tie Krishna in the blanket and go out. Babu ji is in his room and thinks we all are betraying Yashoda, after promising her, this is not right, but what to do, yashoda’s stubbornness has forced us to take this decision. Kamini knocks on the door. Babu ji says forgive me Malti and goes out. Kamini opens the door and asks Varun to take Krishna from the room. Varun goes to Krishna’s room with Mahua. Kamini tells babu ji that once Krishna goes out from here, then the prosperity and happiness will return. She says whatever is happening is wrong, but what is the solution. Varun takes Krishna out. Babu ji says we will see in morning. Kamini says we will say that Varun came and took Krishna. She turns and sees Yashoda standing holding the chloroform bottle. Bansal and Varun sit in the car. Bansal says Krishna, go away from this house and Krishna. Kamini says you can’t go out, I will not let you go, says Varun took Krishna away from here. Mahua says you can’t search Krishna now. Babu ji says I am helpless.

Bansal says I will open the cloth from his face, if something happens then we will be in trouble. Yashoda keeps the bottle and says I don’t need to go anywhere as Krishna didn’t go anywhere, he is sleeping in the room. She says how did you sleep that a mother will have a deep sleep that someone will come and take away her son. Bansal tells Varun that Krishna is not here. Varun stops the car. Yashoda says when you both have came out after tying Krishna in the blanket, I went there and took him out and tied pillows and heavy stuff in it. She says now he is unconscious, what he would have feel if saw your doings, that being the same house blood, his family does this with him. babu ji says he is not my blood. Amma comes and hears her. She tells that it is wrong to do this with a child. Kamini says I didn’t poison him, he will be fine. Yashoda says you shouldn’t have done this, and says I regard his doosri maa even when I didn’t know that he is my husband’s son. She says I will not bear if anyone does wrong with Krishna again.

Varun says I will not bear and says you will have no solution what I am going to do in the morning. Yashoda says he is 10 years old boy, his mother is dead and his father has left. She says don’t do this with him. Babu ji is angry and goes. Varun says I will take Krishna away from here, in the morning and Yashoda can’t stop him. Bansal smiles. Varun and Bansal is at the latter’s room.

Yashoda apologizes to unconscious Krishna on behalf of her family. She says I will not leave you until your father returns. Amma hears her.

Precap: Yashoda asks Amma to feel his heart beat. Arvind returns and gives Ashok’s letter to Babu ji. Babu ji reads that until krishna is here, he will not return and that Krishna is ….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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