Does the Tulsi plant dry up again and again? Do these 4 things today itself, this plant will never get spoiled again

Tulsi Plant: Tulsi plant is considered very sacred in Hinduism. Some people worship the Tulsi plant daily and offer water to it. This plant does not only have religious importance, but the Tulsi plant is also considered very beneficial for health. Consuming its leaves can help in removing problems related to diabetes, blood pressure, heart and kidney.

By the way, Tulsi plant is found in every house. But a problem is often seen with it that this plant demands a lot of care and if proper care is not taken, it starts drying up quickly. If the Tulsi plant planted in your house often dries up, then with the help of some measures, you can save it from drying up. Let us know what are those measures?

Don’t add too much water: It is often seen that people pour more water than necessary in the Tulsi plant. While this plant does not need much water. Adding more water to the Tulsi plant creates the risk of bacteria and fungus growing in the roots. This is the reason why never add too much water to this plant. 

Use of the right soil: Yes, if you want the Tulsi plant not to spoil quickly, then use the right soil. There should not be any kind of adulteration in this soil. Apart from this, there should be 70 percent soil and 30 percent sand in the pot, because it is difficult to make work even with only soil. 

Use of cow dung: Cow dung is used as fertilizer in plants. Although some people add wet cow dung to the plant and mix it. While this method is not correct. The right way to mix cow dung is that you first make the cow dung dry and hard or buy cow dung from the market. Then grind it and mix it in the form of powder in the soil of the pot.

Use of the right pot: For planting basil plant, use such a pot, which has a hole at the bottom, so that the water does not freeze in the root of the plant and leaves through the hole. 

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