Does common cold also build immunity to fight Covid? Shocking information revealed

According to a study by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, minor corona infection is seen in some people as compared to others. You must have also seen that some people get terrible symptoms of corona, while some people do not even experience the symptoms of this infection. Now the question is how does corona harm someone less and someone more. 

Actually, when our body fights against a virus such as the common cold, it retains the disease-fighting cells as memory cells. The next time a person comes under the grip of the same virus once again, the memory cell recognizes it and gets ready to fight the disease again. Memory cells give the immune system a jump start to fight disease.

Memory cells help fight viruses!

A team of researchers tested blood samples to identify these memory cells. Memory cells can recognize the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the Covid-19 virus. Researchers said that more research is needed to find out how big a role memory cells play in fighting Kovid-19. 

According to another research published in the health research journal ‘Science’ in November 2020, some people, especially children, may have antibodies to fight the corona, which are reactive against the corona virus. These antibodies would have been made in people when they would have been infected with normal cold, viral fever etc. Whereas, according to a study published in Nature Communications in January 2022, people who"corona virus" href ="" data-type="interlinkingkeywords">Coronavirus produces high levels of immune cells, which may provide some degree of protection against COVID-19.

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