Do you also eat banana on an empty stomach in the morning? Do not become a victim of this disease knowingly or unknowingly

There is a famous saying An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away ‘If you eat an apple a day, the doctor will stay away from you’. In today’s time, just like this, there are many people who eat banana first on an empty stomach daily. Some also eat banana smoothie. Some eat banana and bread. Many people even eat banana pudding. In such a situation, the biggest question arises whether it is right to eat banana on an empty stomach?

Banana benefits

Banana is a wonderful fruit. According to New York’s renowned dietician Jennifer Meng, MS, RD, bananas are a nutritious fruit that is delicious as well as affordable. Bananas contain potassium which is one of the electrolytes that balances the pH, which is essential for bodily functions like our body to hydrate, blood pressure, digestion and even muscle contraction. 

Should bananas be eaten on an empty stomach?

Whether it is right to eat banana on an empty stomach or not, a straight answer cannot be given. It depends on the banana. Meng says that banana increases immunity. When a banana is green, it is rich in fiber and has a lot of resistant starch in it. As soon as bananas start turning yellow, or rather they start ripening, the amount of fiber decreases. Due to which the level of sugar in banana increases. Which can also increase the sugar level in your blood. If you eat banana on an empty stomach early in the morning, it may happen that it increases the level of sugar in the body. Due to which you will feel tired. That’s why it is said that whenever you think of eating a banana, eat it in the afternoon or eat it before doing a workout or before going to the gym. 

eating banana on an empty stomach in the morning will not spoil your health

According to Meng, eating banana on an empty stomach in the morning is not good for health. If you are not a diabetic patient, then for your information, let us tell you that eating banana in the morning increases the level of sugar in your blood. After which the body makes more insulin to control it. Because of this, eating high carbohydrate and low fiber fruits like bananas in the morning on an empty stomach is not right according to health. In future, you may not get any other type of disease due to this. 

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