Do not drink this ‘healthy’ thing before sleeping at night, otherwise it will have opposite effect on the body

To stay healthy, just like food and water are needed, in the same way, there is a need for adequate sleep. To keep the body active and away from diseases, it is very important to sleep. To get a good sleep, you should try to keep the lifestyle and food healthy. We are saying this because some eating habits can make you ill, like eating or drinking wrong things before sleeping. 

Most people do not know that eating some healthy food items at the wrong time can also have bad effects on the body. Even if what you are eating is healthy. But if you are eating it at the wrong time, then it clearly means that you are inviting diseases yourself. Many like to eat or drink sweet things before sleeping at night, such as smoothies. Agreed that smoothies are beneficial for health. But there is a time to drink it too. Drinking it before sleeping at night is like playing with health.

‘Sugar’ is dangerous for health 

According to a research published in BMJ Open in the year 2016, in fact packaged smoothie contains about two and a half teaspoons more sugar than juice. In this research, it was found that 40 percent of the packaged smoothies contained about four teaspoons of sugar. You know that sugar has very bad effects on health. Its excessive consumption can not only cause the risk of obesity, but you can also become a victim of many diseases including diabetes. This is the reason why everyone should avoid consuming sweet things before sleeping. 

Disturbed sleep

When you eat or drink smoothies or any other sweet food items before sleeping, it disturbs your sleep. Despite being tired, you do not get sleep on time. When sleep comes, it opens due to restlessness. You want to sleep but do not feel sleepy in your eyes. All these problems are caused by eating sweets before sleeping at night. 

Eat this before sleeping

If you feel hungry before sleeping or feel like eating something, then you can choose food items rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins, such as wheat flour toast or banana with yogurt. If you want, you can also eat whole grain bread by adding peanut butter or almond butter. By eating these, you will not have food cravings and there will be no tension of increasing blood sugar.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or related expert.

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