DNA ANALYSIS: Economy in difficulty due to sea jams, know how much damage due to block of Suez Canal?

New Delhi: You must be stuck in a traffic jam at some time and have seen a video of many kilometers of jam. There is also a traffic jam in the sky. Air traffic jam delays landing and take off of the plane. But you have never seen a jam in the sea. Today we will tell you about the news of traffic jam in the sea. This is such a jam, due to which the world economy can fall and Egypt can reach the brink of poverty and the prices of petroleum products can rise.

Long jam in the sea due to cargo ship getting stuck

On March 23, a cargo ship got stuck in the Suez Canal. The name of this ship is Ever Given. Due to this ship, the Suez Canal is jammed and many other ships are stuck here. The cargo ship is 400 meters long i.e. as big as the size of three football grounds. Stranded with 20,000 containers, the weight of this ship is 180 million kg. It is taller than a 10-storey house.

Loss of crores to Egypt

The video of this cargo ship stranded in the Suez Canal has become a topic of discussion in the media because, the jam is causing a loss of Rs 2800 crore to the Egypt every hour. That is, 67 thousand 200 crore rupees in a day. This loss is due to the toll tax received by Egypt, which it charges from every ship passing through this canal. This container ship is registered under the name of Evergreen Marine Corps, the shipping company of Taiwan.

How a container ship trapped in the Suez Canal?

The question that must be arising in your mind is how this ship got stuck. In this case, the Suez Canal administration says that on Tuesday there was very strong winds, which reduced visibility and the ship got stuck on the sides of the canal. After this the canal is blocked. An attempt was made to extend it with a small ship, but to no avail. Therefore, containers are being lowered, so that this cargo ship becomes lighter. Actually, this canal is 193 kilometers long and is 205 meters wide. That is, its width is very less. For this reason, two ships do not pass together here. This Chinese ship is long and stuck due to bad weather.

Important Suez Canal for Business

The Suez Canal plays a very important role in the world’s trade. It connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, which reduces the distance from Asia to Europe and does not have to travel to Africa. This reduces the distance to 10 thousand kilometers. You can understand it like this. The distance from India to London is 11482 km via the Suez Canal. While the road to Africa is 20,001 kilometers. This means that you will reach London Sway Canal from Mumbai in 15 to 17 days, while on the way to Africa, you will have to cover two times the distance. In this, your time and money will also be doubled.

30 percent of ships go through here

The container ship stuck in the Suez Canal was going to the Netherlands with goods from China, but got stuck when it moved towards the Mediterranean Sea. The Suez Canal Authority says that it can take up to seven days for the canal to be fully operational. Due to its being trapped in the canal, the prices of many essential commodities in the world can rise, especially in the prices of petroleum products, because 12% of the world’s trade is through the Suez Canal and 30% of the world’s container ships are from here. Pass.

According to the Swage Canal Authority, 19,000 ships passed through this canal in 2020. That means 52 ships per hour, these ships carried 1.17 billion tons of goods and went from one place to another. Whereas in 1870, only 486 ships passed here every year. In 1966 this number increased to 21,250 i.e. 58 ships a day.


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