Didn’t get job and lost 70 lakhs, trapped in part time job scam and took loan on father’s property

Part-Time Job Scam: In the last few months, cases of online fraud are increasingly coming to the fore. Many people are falling prey to this fraud. The media is constantly warning people, but still cyber thugs trap people in their clutches. People have lost lakhs of rupees by getting trapped in the trap of these scammers. Fraudsters are targeting innocent people through social messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, luring them with part time job offers on the pretext of earning extra money. In an alleged case, a person has been duped of Rs 70 lakh by being duped into a similar scam. 

Received part time job offer message

According to Indian Express, the victim, a resident of Gurgaon’s Sector 43, received a message on his mobile, in which he was offered a part-time job. This work included small tasks like rating hotels and liking videos. In return, the fraudsters promised him a hefty commission. Though the commission is not known, the victim is definitely in debt as he borrowed money from his family and gave Rs 70 lakh to the scammers.

When tried to withdraw money…

Actually, the thugs told the victim that this is a new job. To start it, one has to deposit Rs 63,000. To win the trust of the victim, he even showed the commission. After getting the commission, on the seventh day the victim sent Rs 27 lakh. When the victim wanted to withdraw his money, he got a message that since he wanted to withdraw more than Rs 2 lakh, he would have to deposit 50 per cent security of the total amount. Then the victim went to the police. 

According to the complaint, the victim got into huge debt as he had taken loans against his house, his father’s property and his business. The victim is still in shock. 

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