“Deliberately dragged the victim for several kilometres”: Court takes cognizance of charge sheet in Kanjhawala case

In the Kanjhawala case, the Rohini court has taken cognizance of the charge sheet of the Delhi Police. The Delhi Police has charged four accused with murder in the charge sheet. In the charge sheet, the police have said that the accused had enough opportunities to save the victim. The accused had deliberately dragged the victim for several kilometres. In the charge sheet, the police said that Amit Khanna, Krishna, Manoj Mittal and Mithun brutally killed the victim Anjali Singh.

According to the police charge sheet, the crime was committed in two parts. First when the accused hit the victim and second when the victim was dragged for several kilometers in the car. According to the police, the car was stopped about 500-600 meters from the spot. The driver came out to see if the victim was still trapped under the wheels.

The charge sheet states that according to the testimony of witnesses, CCTV camera footage and other evidence, the four accused were present inside the car at the time of the incident. Amit Khanna was driving the car. Manoj Mittal was sitting with him and Mithun and Krishna were sitting on the back seat.

The statements of six eyewitnesses have also been cited in the charge sheet. The charge sheet has included statements of the victim’s friend, the person who informed the police about the body, an autorickshaw driver and a person.

Significantly, in Kanjhawala, 20-year-old Anjali Singh’s scooty was hit by a car. After which the car dragged Anjali from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala. Anjali Singh had died in the accident. This incident is of January 1.

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