Delhi Budget Session: ‘If there is a JPC probe, not Adani, Modi ji will drown,’ CM Arvind Kejriwal said in the Assembly

CM Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi Assembly: In the budget session of the Delhi Assembly on Tuesday, a resolution was placed in the House regarding the Adani case, which was passed after discussion. While supporting the Sankalp Patra, CM Arvind Kejriwal, referring to the discussion held with a senior BJP leader, said that Adani is only on the front, all the money has been spent by Modi ji. Adani only manages money.

CM Kejriwal said that if the JPC investigation is done, Modi ji will drown, not Adani, so the Prime Minister is busy saving Adani even after the Hindenburg report. He said that Modi ji is less educated. Adani tells them where to invest the money. Adani’s assets were 50 thousand crores in 2014 and have increased to 11.50 lakh crores in seven years.

Modi ji is looting the country with both hands. They looted 10 times more than Congress in just 7-8 years. Arvind Kejriwal said that I think if there has been the most corrupt prime minister after independence, who has looted the country so much, then he is the current prime minister.

‘A BJP leader told me everything’

CM Kejriwal said that a BJP leader told me all the things one by one. At first I was very surprised after hearing all this that what is he saying that Modi ji has invested all the money inside the Adani group. Then slowly he explained everything openly. He told that Modi ji went to Sri Lanka, where the President is Gotabaya Rajapaksa. By putting pressure on Rajapaksa, Modi ji got Adani to get Sri Lanka’s wind project.

He actually did not get the project to Adani, but took it himself. It is not Adani’s project, it is Modi’s project. This thing came out from the Electricity Board of Sri Lanka. Just as there is a Standing Committee of the Lok Sabha-Vidhan Sabha in our country, similarly there is a Standing Committee of the Parliament in Sri Lanka.

When the Standing Committee of the Parliament of Sri Lanka called the Chairman of the Electricity Board and asked why did you give this project to Adani? So he said that President Rajapaksa had called me, he said that Modi ji is putting a lot of pressure on me to give this project to Adani. Modi ji went to Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh had to buy 1500 MW of electricity for 25 years.

Modi ji got that project also given to Adani. He did not get Adani to get it, Modi ji himself took that project. Modi ji went to Israel. India made many defense deals with Israel. He gave all the defense deals to Adani. He didn’t give it to Adani, Modi ji took it himself.

‘6 airports auctioned in the country’

He said that 6 airports were auctioned in the country two-three years ago. The government auctioned these airports for privatization, so that private players can come and buy them. A condition was placed in it that this airport would be given to the same private company, which had earlier worked for the airport. This rule is followed while taking up every government contract. For example, the contractor who has experience in road construction will be given the contract.

If we set up a water treatment plant, then we say that the contract will be given to the one who has experience in setting up WTP. When we set up a sewerage treatment plant, we say that we will give the contract to the one who has 15 years of experience in this work. Similarly, the government had placed the same condition in this also that the person who has experience of running the airport for so many years will be given the job.

Now Adani had not done this work, so what would he have done? Therefore, on the spot, the condition that there is no need for experience of running an airport was dropped. Six airports were to be auctioned and all 6 airports were given to Adani. Arvind Kejriwal alleged that he did not give it to Adani, but Modi himself got 6 airports named after him.

This airport was taken over in November 2021, till 2023 it is one and a half years. Within a year and a half, 30 percent of the business of airports in the whole country is with Modi ji. India is such a big country, which has so many airports. Out of that 30 percent airport business is with Modi ji today.

‘Companies being snatched at gunpoint’

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that by using ED-CBI, people’s companies are being snatched at gunpoint. On 10 October 2018, an Income Tax raid took place at Krishnapatnam Port. After a year and a half, on 6 April 2020, that entire port was bought by Adani. It was not bought by Adani, it went to Modiji.

On 10 December 2020, ACC and Ambuja Cement were raided. Two years later, on 16 October 2022, both the cement plants went to Modi ji. Mumbai Airport was owned by the GVK Group. ED-CBI raid on him on July 2020, FIR lodged.

A month after this Mumbai airport went to Adani and Modi ji. They get raids done by ED-CBI, threaten company people that either you go to jail or give your factory-company to us. There is so much hooliganism in the whole country that they get ED-CBI raids done. They put a gun on the head and say either give the factory or go to jail. What the hell is going on inside this country?

‘Modi ji is taking coal for free’

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that a few days ago he took out an order that as many power plants as there are. All the state governments have to use 10 percent imported coal out of all the coal they need. We have a government in Punjab, this order reached there also. Only Adani-Modi ji used to import coal. So it means 10 percent coal compulsorily to the state governments

Have to buy from Adani. The cost of our country’s coal is Rs 2,000 a ton, while the cost of imported coal is Rs 20,000 a ton. Coal will have to be bought from Adani i.e. Modi ji at 10 times higher prices. When the coal scam took place in our country, then the Supreme Court had given an order that coal mines in our country will not be given to any private person. All the mines will remain with the government. 

He distributed some coal mines among state governments, Rajasthan government, Chhattisgarh government, Punjab government. In the whole country only state governments have coal mines, but in Adani’s case they made an exception and gave coal mines to Adani.

In that too it was ordered that coal containing less than 4 thousand calories would be considered as rejected goods. While it is considered the best coal. Now Adani gets that rejected coal for free. Modi ji is taking at least Rs 2800 crore worth of coal from the country’s mines every year for free.

‘Modi ji where will you go with so much money?’

Chief Minister Kejriwal said that in 2014 the property of Adani ji i.e. Modi ji was worth 50 thousand crores. After 7 years, his wealth became Rs 11.50 lakh crore. Where will Modi ji go with so much money? You looted the country so much in 7 years. Adani was at number 609 in the list of the world’s richest people in 2014, now he has become the second richest man in the world.

Now he wants to become the richest man in future, but nature is very powerful. Who thought that one day Hindenburg’s report would come and within 24 hours everything would be destroyed. In the 67 years from 1947 to 2014, all the governments that came to India together had taken a loan of Rs 55 lakh crore for the Government of India.

In 7 years from 2014 to 2022, a loan of Rs 85 lakh crore was taken, more than doubled. He took loan in 7 years as much as he had taken in 67 years. Where did this money go? All this went in his pocket. I want to tell the public that you pay GST and tax by cutting the stomach of your children. You pay GST on everything like milk and curd, the money of that GST goes to the public treasury.

From there this money goes to Adani’s treasury and then from there that money goes to Modi ji’s treasury. Arvind Kejriwal said that there is loot with both hands, Prime Minister Modi is looting the whole country. Coal, airport, roads, electricity, water are all being looted, they have left nothing. They looted the country 10 times in 7-8 years than Congress did not loot in 75 years.

‘Modi ji is less educated’

The CM of Delhi said that Modi ji is less educated, he does not understand what to do. Adani comes and tells them, invest money here, go to this country where they buy the company. Put ED-CBI behind it. He does all the management, all the mind is his and Modi ji’s money. In return, he doesn’t know how much 10, 15 or 20 percent commission he gets.

He said that I am more worried about the fact that the Prime Minister is less educated, he understands less. People come and say something or the other to him. When any leader comes from abroad or goes abroad, then there are only two conditions. Firstly, he is told to hug, take photographs, roam in the park. Second, he is told to hit Adani. Some leaders come and say that Modi ji is the most popular leader in the world.

What does he have to do with the popularity of Modi ji. These white people are very clever people. He is not so naive that he came here and said that Modi ji is a very popular leader. Don’t know what they sign and take away. It is not even known that in return they sign and take away.

This is what happened in our country during the 17th-18th century. People from East India Company used to come. Our kings and emperors of that time were also less educated. He didn’t have any intelligence, these people used to come to his court, used to praise him a lot and don’t know what things he used to sign. Within 100 years, the British captured the entire country.

Now the same condition is happening in our country that our Prime Minister is less educated, he is greedy for money. Whoever comes, speaks a couple of lines about them, hugs, roams in the park, give contracts to companies to Adani, don’t know what these people have sold the country in return. The phase the country is passing through, we are very concerned about the country.

I think that if there has been the most corrupt prime minister since independence, who has looted the country so much, then he is the current prime minister. There are less educated people on him, they don’t know anything, anyone takes anything by signing them. Nobody gets to know anything. I support Sanjeev Jha’s proposal.

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